New Homes & Rebuilds in Ocean, Monmouth & Atlantic County

So it’s time to get the dream house in New Jersey…

Whew … I made it into the blogosphere.   Let’s see how the first blog goes.  If you’re looking for a home, or love to cook… you’ve found the right place.

My name is Vincent Simonelli.  I’ve been a builder and developer in New Jersey for about 15 years,  and have built new homes in Galloway, new houses in Absecon, multi-family homes in Little Egg Harbor and Keyport, condominiums in Atlantic County as well as new homes in Ocean County.   My customers all agree.. this is the absolutely best time to  be buying a house in anyone’s memory.

Working with hundreds of new home buyers through various real estate markets I have seen high and low mortgage rates, worked with banks and alternative lenders, seen recessions and booms come and go. Everything changes all the time.

What stays constant is the desire of families to find the house with the size, amenities,  floor plan and location at a price they can afford.

That perfect house.. the dream house.. the new home in New Jersey that you’re looking for can be harder to choose than your spouse.. mostly before there are several people involved in the decision.

Along the way you’ll need to make trade-offs, set priorities, compare notes and get to know yourself and your current and desired lifestyle in order to pick the best home possible for you and your family.

Hopefully my experience with new home sales in New Jersey and obtaining mortgage financing in different markets will be of use to you and your family.  I want to share what I’ve learned about quality construction, good neighborhoods, great schools and affordable financing with people looking to live and thrive in New Jersey.

Currently we’re building new homes in Galloway, a new new resort-style adult community in Absecon and condominiums in Little Egg Harbor. These  suburbs of Atlantic city are affordable communities, close to the work centers of southern New Jersey.

In coming posts I’ll share what I’ve learned through the years.. not only about where to and how to find a great house,  but also to talk about how great it is to live, raise kids and shop in Atlantic county.

As an amateur chef, I spend as much time in my kitchen a possible, so I spend a lot of time hunting for the best markets and ingredients in the area.  Feeding friends and family is  what I do in my spare time, so I might wax on about that as well.  There are some sensational farmer’s markets in the area that you need to see to believe.

Please come back often.  I want to help make you feel welcome in your new home in southern New Jersey.  If you have any topic suggestions, please feel free to comment.


(Here’s the rack of lamb I put on the bbq yesterday. Yes, it was 28 degrees outside, but there’s nothing like real charcoal when it comes to grilling.)