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Auction Day!! Builder’s Closeout Auction – Renault Winery – 12 PM Registration – 1 pm Auction – Webcast

Auction Day! Really exciting…and amazing interest and traffic!

Come join us at the Renault Winery..Registration is 12 and the Auction is at 1 pm…You can catch us live on… or call 800 237 9569 x888 for more info

Info brochure is on this blog also.

Hope to see you at the Auction!


New Homes & Rebuilds in Ocean, Monmouth & Atlantic County

Greetings to all of the miniscule audience probably reading my first entry into BlogWorld! Hope you are all well.

Greetings to all of the miniscule audience probably reading my first entry into BlogWorld! Hope you are all well.

Generally, I will try and start my posts with an uplifting, encouraging or stimulating thought, to uplift, encourage and stimulate anyone reading…:)

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step”.
I think they said that just before the Long March in China many years ago, and I know I say it whenever I have to walk further than 100 feet or so…

Nevertheless, for all of us who are attempting a seemingly impossible task, let’s remember to get out there and try each day to move forward…sometimes the person who just shows up, wins the game…

Feeling uplifted? Me neither, but its early yet…

Today was a Monday, and one very good thing about them (Mondays) is that they do finally end after a while. Other than normal beginning of the week strife, it was truly a wonderful day, weatherwise, and to top it off, we closed on a house today and moved another happy family into a Foxmoor home in Egg Harbor Township. Congratulations to our 2 site supers in Galloway and Egg Harbor (Jimmie and April) for delivering a defect free home with no items on the walk thru list!!!

At Foxland, we are looking forward to a fairly busy week, with 2 more house closings scheduled, and a closing on a round of bank financing for 16 lots we own in Buena Borough, on which we have started building. That development will be the first major subdivision in Buena Borough since the parting of the Red Seas, or at least in the last 20 years, or since they started writing stuff down in Buena…the town is eager to have us and we can’t wait to get moving.

Since I have very little imagination for some things, most of our developments are called Foxmoor at “Somewhere”…(Foxmoor at Buena, Foxmoor at Hamilton, etc.). Not the most innovative nomenclature, but it has become habit over the years.

Our Marketing team made the decision today to publish and promote our Free Elevator incentive at Visions at the Shore, in Absecon. For the first 10 townhome buyers, we are including an elevator (which I think goes 3 stops, all the way to the basement). I have a feeling this will be a tremendous incentive, since no one else in this market is offering such a neat promo, and it has to be soooooooo cool to say to your guests, ” Let’s take the elevator, shall we?” lololol….Not that I know anyone who says “Shall we?”, but maybe if I had my own elevator, I could practice….lol

Michelle is our marketing and sales (fearless) leader from Century 21, Glen Cove. When she first started with us, we called her TDW, short for Tall Demanding Woman. Usually any good marketing ideas come from her, get chewed on and commented on by me, contemplated and pontificated on by Karl, and once we have gotten used to the idea enough to claim it for our own, put into practice.
I am thinking after doing this dance for the last 6 months, that it would be a lot less work for me to just try her ideas first, then just comment on the ones that don’t work…lol…One small communication issue may stem from the fact that she is about 8 inches taller than I am, and it is hard for me to hear anything spoken at that height off the ground, so I do miss a bit, and Karl is deaf in one ear… She and her team do an excellent job selling our homes (when we let them) and no, they are not all tall and demanding. lolol

I am thinking we should name the elevator campaign, “Come Ride with Us” or something catchy like that. (Usually my naming ideas get voted down – see paragraph above).

Currently, I am a bit young for Visions since it is an active adult community. I am very jealous that people 55+ get to live in beautiful, planned communities, with incredible clubhouses, and anyone younger is penalized and has to trek out in the elements, to an annoying health club….doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Myself, I feel like a quick sprint to the car in the morning should be enough exercise for at least the morning….and I do occasionally walk our homes and neighborhoods, although not like I used to….too busy blogging, I guess…:)

Enough for now. Comments and requests for subjects are greatly appreciated. Next post we will talk about the new home housing market in South Jersey.



New Homes & Rebuilds in Ocean, Monmouth & Atlantic County

Wish I Was There…

Wish I Was There…

Hello All…

So, I am writing once again, for the second time this evening, stymied by the vagaries of Google/Blogger/ whatever amorphous construct it currently is, since I am unable to edit my draft postings, for some obtuse reason.

Odd for a Google product, (or associate, or acquisition, or computer submissive, or whatever) which at last check had 94.33% of all the brilliant people in the free world, and owned 57.98% of North and South America, with various countries throughout southern Europe and southeast Asia…

But you can’t edit your X%$#%*!* blog, without a small Act of Congress…oh well…go ahead and try it…I was middlin’ smart until today when I tried to pick up where I left off…from now on, pure, straight prose….lololol

Anyway, for the noteworthy (if I may presume) thought of the day, we have the Wish I Was There thing…(we all do that at times) the grass is always greener, etc…

Earlier, I was listening to someone in our organization today who was going on vacation for the second time in a month, and I was irrationally jealous. Didn’t she realize how much I would love to be on vacation?? lol…unfair of her to make us suffer…

It was Lauderdale, and not New Zealand, but still…of course, she’s a 20 year old college student and why shouldn’t she go ?

Still, I wished I was her for a while (ok, I am still having the occasional errant longing)…I could get on a plane, like anyone else, but am consumed right now by any number of mundane, nonsensical, recurring/random issues (like everyone else living in civilization), and would find it a mite dificile to exeunt stage left at this moment…lolol…still it is a nice thought….

After further thought, I am enjoying the wonderful spring NJ weather…so maybe sometimes what we think we want, we may already have….:):)

(I am almost certain, someone smarter than I has said that before)

Truly, nothing of monumental import have I shared with you this eve, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I am still getting the hang of this talking to myself on my computer…so hang in there and the content may improve…lolol…but it may not…

Life should always be somewhat humorous, because when you stop laughing, they may as well stick a fork in you, ’cause you are done….lolol

On to more ramblings…

We had our weekly sales meeting today, as well as our construction meeting.

It’s been a few hours now, and I am over the social shock of the meeting, and can speak of it without shaking…lol…I am kidding, of course…

I really like everyone, and they tolerate me, but everyone looks pained in meetings….haven’t you noticed? Like they just sat in a wet spot on patio furniture…it’s just an uncomfortable feeling…:):)

Since it is important to be serious and studious, it is my choice to throw paper airplanes and groan loudly at times. Everyone treats me like an adolescent, which is often appropriate, but if I didn’t behave like that, I would jump off a bridge (In southern jersey, that really means nothing. The highest elevation is about 10′ above sea level. At most you’re talking about a broken leg or something minor- not worth the drama, or the dry cleaning bill.)

Author’s note: After fighting the whole meeting thing for a while, I have come to the reluctant, forced, coerced conclusion, that a regular, focused, purposeful, concise meeting can be a positive event, and not on par with a proctological exam. According to Karl, I should not always act as if I am secretly 9 years old, and lately I have been trying…lololol

Back to the meeting. We discussed many things , but primarily the regulatory environment in which we are currently building, which is markedly similar to Alice in Wonderland. (anyone needing the reference can email me).

In real life it should take about 60 days to build a house completely from the ground up.
In NJ, it takes 4-5 months, is excruciating for everyone involved, and adds about $40,000 to the cost of each home (tragic but true…note: this includes regulatory delays at the state and county levels. Approval time in NJ averages 3 years.)

After griping and bitching for a while , we finished and adjourned.

Sounds pretty classy, but there were no more sandwiches, and only 2 of those really little Heinekens, and everyone is on some kind of stupid diet, and wouldn’t eat the cheesecake in front of anyone else, so we all left.

Me home to blog (ok I snuck back in and had a piece of cheesecake), and everyone else back to their respective lives.

(Can I have comments about cursing? I find my expressive style to be quite hampered by politeness and courtesy…and I am wondering if anyone really gives a damn, or is it like a tree falling in the forest…??? lolol)

Wishing all health and prosperity…



New Homes & Rebuilds in Ocean, Monmouth & Atlantic County

Another Day in the Life…

Another Day in the Life…

Did your day count today? An interesting thought, and I wonder how many people ever ponder that point…if you were to pass from this veil of tears, would anyone notice and have you spent your every moment in the way you would wish??

Serious enough? Ok, everyone, step back from the ledge…just thinking that in one sense, it should all count, every moment, and in another sense, very little matters except your every waking moment, the specialness of it and precious times with loved ones…

If you read those little books they have at the register at Waldenbooks, B.Dalton and Atlantic Books, you become in-fucking-scrutable, like a tri-state, frustrated Confucious….you lose a lot of friends, because no one has a clue what you’re talking about, but at least you can hear the sound of one hand clapping…lolol

There. I said “fuck” in the blog. Hopefully that will not irrevecably mar the Company Image….

Forgive me, I was digressing…

Anyway, today we started plumbing in the slab of the clubhouse at Visions at the Shore in Absecon. I got the call from Karl at about 7:45 this morning with the good news. I didn’t really believe him at first…



“Well I have some good news. There’s plumbing going in the clubhouse at Visions.”


“No, I mean it.”

“Karl, you’re lying. Is it our job, or a KHov job? They build things on time, we’re generally a bit tardy.”

“Vince, we are late – about 6 months, so I am thinking it’s our job. Don’t be a smartass, this is great news.”

Thump. Crash. Phone dropping.

So Karl started getting annoyed with me. “Cut it out. It’s going well. You have a bad attititude lately…blah, blah, blah…”

It is good news and he is right. I am a hopelessly optomistic, jaded cynic…

Wait ’till you see that clubhouse…it’ll be amazing….

Good night and be well.

New Homes & Rebuilds in Ocean, Monmouth & Atlantic County

Another Blog Annoyance

Another Blog Annoyance

Well, I just typed for a half hour, and essentially composed the Illiad, and just lost the entire thing. I am quite disgusted right now.

It was actually a really good post too.

If I could figure out how to edit my posts, I would save them, but I haven’t yet…what an idiot. So aggravated right now.

Just figured out how to edit…maybe I will retype all that drivel I wrote before, but probably not…:(:( an annoying end to a really good day…

Some other time, stupid blog – stealer of carefully crafted words…

New Homes & Rebuilds in Ocean, Monmouth & Atlantic County

Perspective and reflection…

Perspective and reflection…

Perspective and reflection…

“I complained that I had no shoes, until I met a man with no feet.”

Interesting, isn’t it? In my humble opinion, if you have an issue that can be fixed with money, it truly isn’t a problem, right?

This does relate, so hang in there….through the circuitous, labyrinthine workings of my brain, there is an analogy coming eventually, so if you need a pee break or a glass of wine, go get it. I’ll wait.

Back? Good.

So, after I sat here trying to configure my wireless print server for the third time (I have about an hour in each time) I broke down and called customer support.

A very lovely female child in New Delhi answered after 28 minutes on hold (we should all buy Cisco, who bought LinkSys, who bought etc, you get the idea – since 14% of the 6 billion people on the planet were calling in on a Monday evening for tech-support…)

All of the other people calling in were much smarter than me, or female, or both. Women, in my experience, pick up the damn phone and call tech support and yell at them when things don’t work. Men generally continue plowing ahead until they are in the wrong country. They don’t invest so much time, only to be told by Sahib Patel that the wireless print server I was struggling to connect, was not compatible with a printer/fax/copier, but only a plain printer.

Thanks Linksys. Ever think of putting that info anywhere where it can be found???

Anyway, thanks to the dear friend (who shall remain anonymous so all gloating shall not be heard by the world) who advised me to get over losing my last significant blog post in the ether and compose in Word, save and post. Duh, right.

I am so ridiculously paranoid about saving that I don’t get 10 words done without saving. Alt-F-S. I do it unconsciously, I am so worried about losing data…Anyway, I am over my snit (due to my own ineptitude) and will continue to spew out pleasant nonsense for my nonexistent, or certainly miniscule, audience…

Back to perspective…like my Grampa used to say, ”Better to be looking down at the grass, than up at it…”. Good point.

I talked to Karl the other day and told him the same thing. He told me all the things we could be doing better at Foxmoor. I asked him if one could ever be too rich, too thin, too smart, have too many good clients, or for that matter have too much of that great vodka he bought me for my birthday last year?

Of course we could be doing better, as is usually the case in civilization since the time of Cro-Magnon man. We continually get better in many ways – better quality construction, better building management systems, better information.

How about we start telling the people we care about all around us, how well they are doing the things they are doing well…(and maybe suggest nicely the things that can be improved) instead of just bringing up what is not perfect? The glass is half full and there is no earthly reason to sit around and think otherwise – and those around you benefiting from your kind words will work that much harder to make things better with a bit of encouragement.

It’s easier with sugar than with vinegar. Words from Mom.

Anyway, some kudos to the team….Thanks to Bill and Shari for signing a new contract each since last Thursday…!!!! Great job and great job training your people Michelle from Glen Cove Realty. No one else I know other than the national builders trains so hard and regularly.

Thanks to Jimmie who runs our Foxmoor Estates at Galloway developments, along with April, who works with him. Jimmie was able to navigate the bizarre corridors of reality in Galloway Township and procure a CO for a closing this Wednesday…Yeahh!!!!

Good job today April on another walk-thru with less than 5 items (we aim for 0 defects, and I think we had 3 minor items today).

Thanks to Ray for setting up the Absecon construction office and keeping Karl and John connected to the digital universe…and being a successful new member of our team. Welcome, Ray. I’m glad you made it and didn’t pout or complain when all the women from the sales team ganged up on you and beat you up in the beginning…lolol

Foxmoor had a closing today in Egg Harbor, and another is scheduled for midweek. Also, last Friday, we closed on the purchase of 16 single-family lots in Buena, which is western Atlantic county for those who have no clue where it is…

Now I’m going to walk my killer attack Chihuaha, Spike, and then go to bed. I’ve had enough fun for one day…



New Homes & Rebuilds in Ocean, Monmouth & Atlantic County

Familiar things…letting go and moving on

Familiar things…letting go and moving on

Familiar things and letting go…

Tonight I rolled over on my glasses and the one lens squirted out like a watermelon seed at a 4th of July barbecue. I had stolen a modest nap on the couch and upon my arrival back into the world, this is the little bit of happiness which I wrought upon myself.

Off to the junk drawer to find an eyeglass screwdriver kit I trundle. Suitably geared up, I sit down in front of the kitchen table, which is often used for a desk, and attempt to change the screw, reinsert the lens, and cease slamming into walls, coffee tables and large people who are sleeping. (I might be exaggerating, but not by much. I can’t see too well without my glasses. )

40 minutes later I am realizing that my sense of economy may just be stretched a bit. As I become more and more frustrated, I wonder, as I often do in these circumstances, just how long I am to struggle before conceding gracefully (an oxymoron if there ever was one) and purchasing a new pair of glasses?

The reason I do not have glasses circa – anywhere-newer-than-1998 really comes down to this Associate (and I use this term very loosely) at the Wal-Mart eyeglass shop in the front of the store.

After taking a brief, distasteful look at my frames several years ago (frames I was very happy with and wanted simply to replace), he advised me that the last time these frames had been sold to a customer was just after Moses came down from the Mountain with the Commandments, and they were not available any longer. No, he could not fix them. (for one thing, his arms were the size of my body, and I could definitely miss a few meals without anyone worrying) and he didn’t know anyone who could.
Thanks a bunch, Slim. Placing my ancient, decrepit frames back upon my nose, I slithered away, thinking about what a butthead he was…:):).

Anyway, I think it is time. None of the 15 tiny little screws worked and I finally threaded a garbage bag twist tie through the frame and secured the lens…I only have 4 appointments tomorrow, 2 with bankers…but at least I stripped off the white plastic on the twisty tie…:):)

My primary car is a similar situation…there are the odd dozen or hundred people who firmly believe that I should be in a slightly more recent vintage automobile…my thoughts are that I would rather not drive a frou-frou car around on construction sites where everyone is looking at you and thinking not-nice thoughts. With my car, often someone will start passing around an empty spackle bucket for a change collection for me…(that’s always nice…lol)…other nice things are that no one will ever steal it, and policemen often look on me with a compassionate eye…:)

On to matters of substance instead of chatter (for the thousands who read this epistle regularly) …Foxmoor has had six – 6 !!!! closings this week!! Great job by Jimmie, who runs the Galloway operations and April, who works in Galloway and Egg Harbor. Super job pulling everything together…!!

This weekend we have a big event at both our Foxmoor at Galloway location on Jimmie Leeds road and our Visions at the Shore development on Pitney Road in Absecon…This weekend, we will have a custom motorcycle display, a radio station broadcasting, and plenty of food and drink. It’s always a lot of fun, and I am convinced that people come and buy houses just to get the excellent sandwiches and those fluffy little cream puffs from Acme…

It may just be that Michelle Morris and the Century-21 Glencove Realty team do a great job. Or maybe because we build an excellent home. Or any number of other reasons.

But I think it’s the cream puffs that push people over the edge…:):):)

Be well and look for my next post over the weekend, most probably after the first day with new clients.



New Homes & Rebuilds in Ocean, Monmouth & Atlantic County

A Slight Delay in Posting and Are We Too Sensitive to Negativity?

A Slight Delay in Posting and Are We Too Sensitive to Negativity?

So it’s been about a year and a half since my last post, which isn’t really too bad…same decade, right?

After some conversation with several well meaning friends, I am going to take their advice and stop trying to compose War and Peace every time I blog…lolol…I’ve been telling people for years to lighten up and stop taking yourself so seriously, and maybe I should listen…

I am going for the short, direct, concise, humorous, sarcastic, educating…blog….right, sure…5 out of 6 isn’t bad…;)

Further, all of my team members will be adding to this blog, whether they know it yet or not…there will be views from the field that are very entertaining, in a dark kind of way…kind of like watching footage of the war someplace…

Hope all my faithful readers (in the high single digits, I bet) are doing well, and surviving, in our (still) challenging market…Foxmoor is still building and selling homes all over Atlantic County, and we are really moving at Visions at the Shore in Absecon…welcome to our new homeowners Lois, Jocelyn, Billie, Ellie, Morris, Lew and Lee…!

Today we are sheetrocking our clubhouse over at Visions…it is amazing…11,800 square feet, indoor pools, fountains, really beautiful…currently we are only about $500,000 over budget and a year behind, but diamonds take time to cook, and the Sistine Chapel took Michelangelo 13 years or so…4 years on his back, so I can’t really complain…we are in the home stretch now anyway…

Every time I get cranky, moody, worried or morose, they drag me outside and make me sit in front of a fountain and I calm down…;)

So are we all (me specifically) too sensitive to Negativity, or that excuse-for-an-explanation-of- negativity, Realism?

NO, NO and NO!

New Homes & Rebuilds in Ocean, Monmouth & Atlantic County

Too Sensitive to Negativity – Part 2

Too Sensitive to Negativity – Part 2

Oh when I figure Blogger out I am going to be scary…lolol…tried so hard to edit my last post, but gave up and just made this one a continuation of the last…

Continuing on, there is a fine line between negative and realistic…too much “realism” (read: pessimism) can put a damper on anything…really, does anyone think Columbus’ peer group thought he was rowing with all oars in the water when he left to sail off the side of the earth?

Yes – sign me up for not wanting to hear things presented badly !! Yes – Tell me good news! Think of the positive side of something first before dumping it on me! Why do otherwise anyway? How much fun is it being negative? Zero.

Optimists and Pessimists have been scientifically proven to be correct equal amounts of time (I may be exaggerating about the scientific part) but Optimists have loads more fun, seem to smile more and have better digestion…lol

Google health as it relates to happiness and find loads and loads of stuff about laughter and a positive attitude being far and away the best medicine for most anything…

Some nice avocado and tomato salad, black olives, spinach and crumbled feta with balsamic vinegar helps a lot too when you’re feeling down…lolol

So let’s start thinking about the bright, positive side of anything that we are about to spit out into the world…if everyone did that once a day, we might not be in the apathetic morass where we currently find ourselves economically…

Remember – it’s not a problem if you can fix it with money.

Comments please. Feeling lonely out here in Blogland…