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Free Food and Floorplans – Perfect Together – Join us on Feb 12!

It’s been a while since I threw a party.  Way too long…

Cooking for one or two guests is nice,  but to really get my juices flowing, I need to see a crowd of  people in the room.

It can be hard to get people out on a Saturday morning just for a great meal, so I am combining a brunch at one of our model homes with a promotion valued at about $90,000.

Well, actually, three promotions that are each valued at $30K.

We’re hosting a brunch to launch our “At Cost” promotion – where we will offer three houses for builder’s cost.   We also plan to introduce our newest model, called the “Dream Too” – an affordable dream house that we expect to be highly popular in these tenuous times.

The brunch will include a cooking exhibition as well – it starts at 10 AM on Saturday February 12th.  It will be at the model of one of our most popular styles, The Foxy Fox – located at 306 Meadows Drive in Galloway Township.  Seating is limited. Please PLEASE – make a reservation if you would like to come.   Just call 800-237-9569 ext. 894.

If you want to learn more about the brunch and the rest of our company story – visit and look for our “At Cost” promotion.

Seating for the Brunch and availability to purchase one of the Dream Too homes is extremely limited. If you are interested in learning how to purchase a new home to be built at the builders cost while learning how to cook a number of unique gourmet dishes, call Mark Reilly or Daniela Haraba at 800-237-9569 ext 894. Mark and Daniela are the Dream Homes Dream Too specialists and can answer all your questions.

Feel free to comment to this blog if you have suggestions for the menu.

I hope to see you there!


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