New Homes & Rebuilds in Ocean, Monmouth & Atlantic County
On Travel Shock, Moving at 1000 miles an hour and further Confessions of a Real Estate Addict and Hopeless Optimist
Greetings faithful blog followers;…Under the Confessions category, I confess it has been too long since I last wrote and just as I did last year, I am making resolutions to share thoughts and comments more often; especially since not participating in the social media phenomenon is similar to not having a cell phone or even a computer!

If you’re reading this and haven’t commented recently, how about some thoughts and ideas about the subjects below or another topic of interest?…it’s nice to get feedback and will encourage me to write more often.

There have been many positive developments since we last spoke and I hope this post finds you and your family healthy, happy and employed…It’s time to come out of the bomb shelters and dig up the coffee cans of money from the back yard – the overwhelming consensus is that general economic conditions are improving, signs nationwide are increasingly positive and we are decidedly on the road to recovery. In our region in NJ, we are actually about 18-24 months further ahead of many parts of the country on the road to recovery; they will be digesting excess real estate assets for a while. Las Vegas, Phoenix, Miami and parts of southern California are good examples of economics in much worse condition than the northeast region of the country.

What are your thoughts on mortgage availability at retail or wholesale levels? Anyone having issues with appraisers, mortgages or credit items in general? Please share your thoughts and comments.
On a positive note; a warm welcome to Carl and Sheron Bell and the Douris’s, our newest homeowners at Visions at the Shore and the Elamranis in Foxmoor at Mays Landing. We wish you many years of happy, healthy, prosperous memories in your new homes!

One thing I learned over the last week of 28 hours of seminars and meetings at the Builders Show is that it’s important for me to share my thoughts and opinions on other blogs and forums where I might be able to help someone out. If there is any issue or situation you are facing regarding building a new home (especially in south jersey) financing or credit issues, general business, or just need some positive reinforcement, email me at and I will do my best to help or steer you toward others who may be able to help you.

Better yet, come to our Solutions 101 Seminar at Visions at the Shore on Thurs Jan 28 starting at 4pm. Get a personal consultation with our team of experts including Steve Brasslett, Owner of Ivy League Mortgage with expertise on reverse mortgages, Donna Hill from ReMax Atlantic with some helpful tips on how to sell your home right now, Linda Rhinier, Visions Sales Manager who will guide you through the new home purchase process and me Vincent Simonelli, President of Foxmoor Development Ltd., a building developer in south jersey. We’ll be there to address your particular issues. Visions is located at 980 Pitney Rd in Absecon, NJ and light refreshments wil be served. Seating is limited so call Visions at 609-646-7791 or email for details.


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