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A little humor from the Great Fox – Don’t Feel Too Bad If You Have Forgotten Something Recently

Ok, for those of you who are still wondering if I have completely lost my sanity, I absolutely have.

Today, I forgot to put my sandals on and didn’t discover I had my little furry ugg-looking house slippers on until I got out of the car in Galloway.

Truly I am not kidding. Now I look like an old smurf, with hat, scarf, dog and furry slippers…lol

It is shaping up to be a wonderful day already…;););)

So take solace, anyone reading this who may have forgotten something minor recently, like shoes, or sanity, or whatever…lolol

At least the weather is beautiful, and we have a homeowner moving into Visions at the Shore (Hi Miriam!!) as well as in Foxmoor at Galloway (Welcome Dan Gambert!)…another closing tomorrow in Galloway (Hello Mr. & Mrs. Howard – who came to our last Solutions 101 Seminar, and were able to buy a new home…;);)

Congratulations to everyone on the team who is going crazy making these closings happen…Thank you James, Jack, Mike, April, Colleen and Marian…without you I wouldn’t retain what little sanity I still have…;);)

At least some people still remember to put their shoes (or sandals) on in the morning…lol

Have a great day…;)


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