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A Slight Delay in Posting and Are We Too Sensitive to Negativity?

A Slight Delay in Posting and Are We Too Sensitive to Negativity?

So it’s been about a year and a half since my last post, which isn’t really too bad…same decade, right?

After some conversation with several well meaning friends, I am going to take their advice and stop trying to compose War and Peace every time I blog…lolol…I’ve been telling people for years to lighten up and stop taking yourself so seriously, and maybe I should listen…

I am going for the short, direct, concise, humorous, sarcastic, educating…blog….right, sure…5 out of 6 isn’t bad…;)

Further, all of my team members will be adding to this blog, whether they know it yet or not…there will be views from the field that are very entertaining, in a dark kind of way…kind of like watching footage of the war someplace…

Hope all my faithful readers (in the high single digits, I bet) are doing well, and surviving, in our (still) challenging market…Foxmoor is still building and selling homes all over Atlantic County, and we are really moving at Visions at the Shore in Absecon…welcome to our new homeowners Lois, Jocelyn, Billie, Ellie, Morris, Lew and Lee…!

Today we are sheetrocking our clubhouse over at Visions…it is amazing…11,800 square feet, indoor pools, fountains, really beautiful…currently we are only about $500,000 over budget and a year behind, but diamonds take time to cook, and the Sistine Chapel took Michelangelo 13 years or so…4 years on his back, so I can’t really complain…we are in the home stretch now anyway…

Every time I get cranky, moody, worried or morose, they drag me outside and make me sit in front of a fountain and I calm down…;)

So are we all (me specifically) too sensitive to Negativity, or that excuse-for-an-explanation-of- negativity, Realism?

NO, NO and NO!

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