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Another Day in the Life…

Another Day in the Life…

Did your day count today? An interesting thought, and I wonder how many people ever ponder that point…if you were to pass from this veil of tears, would anyone notice and have you spent your every moment in the way you would wish??

Serious enough? Ok, everyone, step back from the ledge…just thinking that in one sense, it should all count, every moment, and in another sense, very little matters except your every waking moment, the specialness of it and precious times with loved ones…

If you read those little books they have at the register at Waldenbooks, B.Dalton and Atlantic Books, you become in-fucking-scrutable, like a tri-state, frustrated Confucious….you lose a lot of friends, because no one has a clue what you’re talking about, but at least you can hear the sound of one hand clapping…lolol

There. I said “fuck” in the blog. Hopefully that will not irrevecably mar the Company Image….

Forgive me, I was digressing…

Anyway, today we started plumbing in the slab of the clubhouse at Visions at the Shore in Absecon. I got the call from Karl at about 7:45 this morning with the good news. I didn’t really believe him at first…



“Well I have some good news. There’s plumbing going in the clubhouse at Visions.”


“No, I mean it.”

“Karl, you’re lying. Is it our job, or a KHov job? They build things on time, we’re generally a bit tardy.”

“Vince, we are late – about 6 months, so I am thinking it’s our job. Don’t be a smartass, this is great news.”

Thump. Crash. Phone dropping.

So Karl started getting annoyed with me. “Cut it out. It’s going well. You have a bad attititude lately…blah, blah, blah…”

It is good news and he is right. I am a hopelessly optomistic, jaded cynic…

Wait ’till you see that clubhouse…it’ll be amazing….

Good night and be well.

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