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Familiar things…letting go and moving on

Familiar things…letting go and moving on

Familiar things and letting go…

Tonight I rolled over on my glasses and the one lens squirted out like a watermelon seed at a 4th of July barbecue. I had stolen a modest nap on the couch and upon my arrival back into the world, this is the little bit of happiness which I wrought upon myself.

Off to the junk drawer to find an eyeglass screwdriver kit I trundle. Suitably geared up, I sit down in front of the kitchen table, which is often used for a desk, and attempt to change the screw, reinsert the lens, and cease slamming into walls, coffee tables and large people who are sleeping. (I might be exaggerating, but not by much. I can’t see too well without my glasses. )

40 minutes later I am realizing that my sense of economy may just be stretched a bit. As I become more and more frustrated, I wonder, as I often do in these circumstances, just how long I am to struggle before conceding gracefully (an oxymoron if there ever was one) and purchasing a new pair of glasses?

The reason I do not have glasses circa – anywhere-newer-than-1998 really comes down to this Associate (and I use this term very loosely) at the Wal-Mart eyeglass shop in the front of the store.

After taking a brief, distasteful look at my frames several years ago (frames I was very happy with and wanted simply to replace), he advised me that the last time these frames had been sold to a customer was just after Moses came down from the Mountain with the Commandments, and they were not available any longer. No, he could not fix them. (for one thing, his arms were the size of my body, and I could definitely miss a few meals without anyone worrying) and he didn’t know anyone who could.
Thanks a bunch, Slim. Placing my ancient, decrepit frames back upon my nose, I slithered away, thinking about what a butthead he was…:):).

Anyway, I think it is time. None of the 15 tiny little screws worked and I finally threaded a garbage bag twist tie through the frame and secured the lens…I only have 4 appointments tomorrow, 2 with bankers…but at least I stripped off the white plastic on the twisty tie…:):)

My primary car is a similar situation…there are the odd dozen or hundred people who firmly believe that I should be in a slightly more recent vintage automobile…my thoughts are that I would rather not drive a frou-frou car around on construction sites where everyone is looking at you and thinking not-nice thoughts. With my car, often someone will start passing around an empty spackle bucket for a change collection for me…(that’s always nice…lol)…other nice things are that no one will ever steal it, and policemen often look on me with a compassionate eye…:)

On to matters of substance instead of chatter (for the thousands who read this epistle regularly) …Foxmoor has had six – 6 !!!! closings this week!! Great job by Jimmie, who runs the Galloway operations and April, who works in Galloway and Egg Harbor. Super job pulling everything together…!!

This weekend we have a big event at both our Foxmoor at Galloway location on Jimmie Leeds road and our Visions at the Shore development on Pitney Road in Absecon…This weekend, we will have a custom motorcycle display, a radio station broadcasting, and plenty of food and drink. It’s always a lot of fun, and I am convinced that people come and buy houses just to get the excellent sandwiches and those fluffy little cream puffs from Acme…

It may just be that Michelle Morris and the Century-21 Glencove Realty team do a great job. Or maybe because we build an excellent home. Or any number of other reasons.

But I think it’s the cream puffs that push people over the edge…:):):)

Be well and look for my next post over the weekend, most probably after the first day with new clients.



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