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Greetings to all of the miniscule audience probably reading my first entry into BlogWorld! Hope you are all well.

Greetings to all of the miniscule audience probably reading my first entry into BlogWorld! Hope you are all well.

Generally, I will try and start my posts with an uplifting, encouraging or stimulating thought, to uplift, encourage and stimulate anyone reading…:)

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step”.
I think they said that just before the Long March in China many years ago, and I know I say it whenever I have to walk further than 100 feet or so…

Nevertheless, for all of us who are attempting a seemingly impossible task, let’s remember to get out there and try each day to move forward…sometimes the person who just shows up, wins the game…

Feeling uplifted? Me neither, but its early yet…

Today was a Monday, and one very good thing about them (Mondays) is that they do finally end after a while. Other than normal beginning of the week strife, it was truly a wonderful day, weatherwise, and to top it off, we closed on a house today and moved another happy family into a Foxmoor home in Egg Harbor Township. Congratulations to our 2 site supers in Galloway and Egg Harbor (Jimmie and April) for delivering a defect free home with no items on the walk thru list!!!

At Foxland, we are looking forward to a fairly busy week, with 2 more house closings scheduled, and a closing on a round of bank financing for 16 lots we own in Buena Borough, on which we have started building. That development will be the first major subdivision in Buena Borough since the parting of the Red Seas, or at least in the last 20 years, or since they started writing stuff down in Buena…the town is eager to have us and we can’t wait to get moving.

Since I have very little imagination for some things, most of our developments are called Foxmoor at “Somewhere”…(Foxmoor at Buena, Foxmoor at Hamilton, etc.). Not the most innovative nomenclature, but it has become habit over the years.

Our Marketing team made the decision today to publish and promote our Free Elevator incentive at Visions at the Shore, in Absecon. For the first 10 townhome buyers, we are including an elevator (which I think goes 3 stops, all the way to the basement). I have a feeling this will be a tremendous incentive, since no one else in this market is offering such a neat promo, and it has to be soooooooo cool to say to your guests, ” Let’s take the elevator, shall we?” lololol….Not that I know anyone who says “Shall we?”, but maybe if I had my own elevator, I could practice….lol

Michelle is our marketing and sales (fearless) leader from Century 21, Glen Cove. When she first started with us, we called her TDW, short for Tall Demanding Woman. Usually any good marketing ideas come from her, get chewed on and commented on by me, contemplated and pontificated on by Karl, and once we have gotten used to the idea enough to claim it for our own, put into practice.
I am thinking after doing this dance for the last 6 months, that it would be a lot less work for me to just try her ideas first, then just comment on the ones that don’t work…lol…One small communication issue may stem from the fact that she is about 8 inches taller than I am, and it is hard for me to hear anything spoken at that height off the ground, so I do miss a bit, and Karl is deaf in one ear… She and her team do an excellent job selling our homes (when we let them) and no, they are not all tall and demanding. lolol

I am thinking we should name the elevator campaign, “Come Ride with Us” or something catchy like that. (Usually my naming ideas get voted down – see paragraph above).

Currently, I am a bit young for Visions since it is an active adult community. I am very jealous that people 55+ get to live in beautiful, planned communities, with incredible clubhouses, and anyone younger is penalized and has to trek out in the elements, to an annoying health club….doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Myself, I feel like a quick sprint to the car in the morning should be enough exercise for at least the morning….and I do occasionally walk our homes and neighborhoods, although not like I used to….too busy blogging, I guess…:)

Enough for now. Comments and requests for subjects are greatly appreciated. Next post we will talk about the new home housing market in South Jersey.



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