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Is it Really Stealing?

Is it Really Stealing?


Thought for the day…”Our life is frittered away by detail…Simplify, simplify…” Thoreau

Isn’t that the truth? Remember – no one who loves you will care how much work you got done that day, when you are gone…let’s get rid of some of the stupid activities in our lives that waste time for no reason and remember to enjoy the trip…play a little, just like our kids do…;);)

Cloudy, cold, windy, and generally unpleasant today…great day to venture out of one’s warm, cozy home….and look for a brand new house! Yeah!

That might be a bit subjective coming from me, but it’s still true…;)

Sitting here with my killer attack Chihuaha Spike, pondering some of the deep mysteries of modern life (Spike is pondering when he will get a handout, a walk, or a nap)…and so I shall attempt to shed light on one of them… “Is it really stealing when you take scrap lumber from in front of a home under construction? “

Having been in this business for a decade and a half, I have some thoughts I would like to share with my faithful readers… (currently numbering in the low single digits…lol)

Please note – when the pieces of wood are 3′-4′ long, and piled in the front of the driveway neatly in a box, you can be reasonably certain that is scrap, and not only should you take it for your craft projects, but you are saving the environment, since it doesn’t have to be discarded and sit in a landfill….:)

However….14′ and 16′ pieces of 2″x10″, engineered trusses and structural paralams are definitely not scrap and are part of the house…lololol…
I mean really folks – does anyone not know that? Having spent a number of years being robbed, I realize most people are well intentioned and won’t take what they shouldn’t….however, there are always a few bad apples in the bushel… 😉

It’s like you leave the house to go to work in the morning, and someone removed the wheel from your car (not just the tire – the whole wheeel)…Sure, you’ll get to work eventually, but it is a bit of a pain…:):) So hard building the 2nd floor without the structural support lumber…

Not feeling too inspired this morning, and am hoping for greater words of wisdom later in the day…I may venture out to look at the ocean…or I may stay in and do a press release for our Fall Fiesta next Sunday at Visions (we are having a tarot card/fortune teller lady do readings and donating the proceeds to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission)…or work on the loads of email crap I need to catch up on….

Who else hates email sometimes? Feels like the Sword of Domacles…hanging by a thread over your head…uhhhhhh

I may also do none of these things and read a book…

More later (maybe – but who would notice? Like the tree falling in the forest thing…lolol)

Anyway, get outside and go to the zoo or play with your kids….and stop sitting in front of your computer…it doesn’t love you and won’t miss you when you’re gone…;)


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