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Perspective and reflection…

Perspective and reflection…

Perspective and reflection…

“I complained that I had no shoes, until I met a man with no feet.”

Interesting, isn’t it? In my humble opinion, if you have an issue that can be fixed with money, it truly isn’t a problem, right?

This does relate, so hang in there….through the circuitous, labyrinthine workings of my brain, there is an analogy coming eventually, so if you need a pee break or a glass of wine, go get it. I’ll wait.

Back? Good.

So, after I sat here trying to configure my wireless print server for the third time (I have about an hour in each time) I broke down and called customer support.

A very lovely female child in New Delhi answered after 28 minutes on hold (we should all buy Cisco, who bought LinkSys, who bought etc, you get the idea – since 14% of the 6 billion people on the planet were calling in on a Monday evening for tech-support…)

All of the other people calling in were much smarter than me, or female, or both. Women, in my experience, pick up the damn phone and call tech support and yell at them when things don’t work. Men generally continue plowing ahead until they are in the wrong country. They don’t invest so much time, only to be told by Sahib Patel that the wireless print server I was struggling to connect, was not compatible with a printer/fax/copier, but only a plain printer.

Thanks Linksys. Ever think of putting that info anywhere where it can be found???

Anyway, thanks to the dear friend (who shall remain anonymous so all gloating shall not be heard by the world) who advised me to get over losing my last significant blog post in the ether and compose in Word, save and post. Duh, right.

I am so ridiculously paranoid about saving that I don’t get 10 words done without saving. Alt-F-S. I do it unconsciously, I am so worried about losing data…Anyway, I am over my snit (due to my own ineptitude) and will continue to spew out pleasant nonsense for my nonexistent, or certainly miniscule, audience…

Back to perspective…like my Grampa used to say, ”Better to be looking down at the grass, than up at it…”. Good point.

I talked to Karl the other day and told him the same thing. He told me all the things we could be doing better at Foxmoor. I asked him if one could ever be too rich, too thin, too smart, have too many good clients, or for that matter have too much of that great vodka he bought me for my birthday last year?

Of course we could be doing better, as is usually the case in civilization since the time of Cro-Magnon man. We continually get better in many ways – better quality construction, better building management systems, better information.

How about we start telling the people we care about all around us, how well they are doing the things they are doing well…(and maybe suggest nicely the things that can be improved) instead of just bringing up what is not perfect? The glass is half full and there is no earthly reason to sit around and think otherwise – and those around you benefiting from your kind words will work that much harder to make things better with a bit of encouragement.

It’s easier with sugar than with vinegar. Words from Mom.

Anyway, some kudos to the team….Thanks to Bill and Shari for signing a new contract each since last Thursday…!!!! Great job and great job training your people Michelle from Glen Cove Realty. No one else I know other than the national builders trains so hard and regularly.

Thanks to Jimmie who runs our Foxmoor Estates at Galloway developments, along with April, who works with him. Jimmie was able to navigate the bizarre corridors of reality in Galloway Township and procure a CO for a closing this Wednesday…Yeahh!!!!

Good job today April on another walk-thru with less than 5 items (we aim for 0 defects, and I think we had 3 minor items today).

Thanks to Ray for setting up the Absecon construction office and keeping Karl and John connected to the digital universe…and being a successful new member of our team. Welcome, Ray. I’m glad you made it and didn’t pout or complain when all the women from the sales team ganged up on you and beat you up in the beginning…lolol

Foxmoor had a closing today in Egg Harbor, and another is scheduled for midweek. Also, last Friday, we closed on the purchase of 16 single-family lots in Buena, which is western Atlantic county for those who have no clue where it is…

Now I’m going to walk my killer attack Chihuaha, Spike, and then go to bed. I’ve had enough fun for one day…



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