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Too Sensitive to Negativity – Part 2

Too Sensitive to Negativity – Part 2

Oh when I figure Blogger out I am going to be scary…lolol…tried so hard to edit my last post, but gave up and just made this one a continuation of the last…

Continuing on, there is a fine line between negative and realistic…too much “realism” (read: pessimism) can put a damper on anything…really, does anyone think Columbus’ peer group thought he was rowing with all oars in the water when he left to sail off the side of the earth?

Yes – sign me up for not wanting to hear things presented badly !! Yes – Tell me good news! Think of the positive side of something first before dumping it on me! Why do otherwise anyway? How much fun is it being negative? Zero.

Optimists and Pessimists have been scientifically proven to be correct equal amounts of time (I may be exaggerating about the scientific part) but Optimists have loads more fun, seem to smile more and have better digestion…lol

Google health as it relates to happiness and find loads and loads of stuff about laughter and a positive attitude being far and away the best medicine for most anything…

Some nice avocado and tomato salad, black olives, spinach and crumbled feta with balsamic vinegar helps a lot too when you’re feeling down…lolol

So let’s start thinking about the bright, positive side of anything that we are about to spit out into the world…if everyone did that once a day, we might not be in the apathetic morass where we currently find ourselves economically…

Remember – it’s not a problem if you can fix it with money.

Comments please. Feeling lonely out here in Blogland…



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