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Wish I Was There…

Wish I Was There…

Hello All…

So, I am writing once again, for the second time this evening, stymied by the vagaries of Google/Blogger/ whatever amorphous construct it currently is, since I am unable to edit my draft postings, for some obtuse reason.

Odd for a Google product, (or associate, or acquisition, or computer submissive, or whatever) which at last check had 94.33% of all the brilliant people in the free world, and owned 57.98% of North and South America, with various countries throughout southern Europe and southeast Asia…

But you can’t edit your X%$#%*!* blog, without a small Act of Congress…oh well…go ahead and try it…I was middlin’ smart until today when I tried to pick up where I left off…from now on, pure, straight prose….lololol

Anyway, for the noteworthy (if I may presume) thought of the day, we have the Wish I Was There thing…(we all do that at times) the grass is always greener, etc…

Earlier, I was listening to someone in our organization today who was going on vacation for the second time in a month, and I was irrationally jealous. Didn’t she realize how much I would love to be on vacation?? lol…unfair of her to make us suffer…

It was Lauderdale, and not New Zealand, but still…of course, she’s a 20 year old college student and why shouldn’t she go ?

Still, I wished I was her for a while (ok, I am still having the occasional errant longing)…I could get on a plane, like anyone else, but am consumed right now by any number of mundane, nonsensical, recurring/random issues (like everyone else living in civilization), and would find it a mite dificile to exeunt stage left at this moment…lolol…still it is a nice thought….

After further thought, I am enjoying the wonderful spring NJ weather…so maybe sometimes what we think we want, we may already have….:):)

(I am almost certain, someone smarter than I has said that before)

Truly, nothing of monumental import have I shared with you this eve, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I am still getting the hang of this talking to myself on my computer…so hang in there and the content may improve…lolol…but it may not…

Life should always be somewhat humorous, because when you stop laughing, they may as well stick a fork in you, ’cause you are done….lolol

On to more ramblings…

We had our weekly sales meeting today, as well as our construction meeting.

It’s been a few hours now, and I am over the social shock of the meeting, and can speak of it without shaking…lol…I am kidding, of course…

I really like everyone, and they tolerate me, but everyone looks pained in meetings….haven’t you noticed? Like they just sat in a wet spot on patio furniture…it’s just an uncomfortable feeling…:):)

Since it is important to be serious and studious, it is my choice to throw paper airplanes and groan loudly at times. Everyone treats me like an adolescent, which is often appropriate, but if I didn’t behave like that, I would jump off a bridge (In southern jersey, that really means nothing. The highest elevation is about 10′ above sea level. At most you’re talking about a broken leg or something minor- not worth the drama, or the dry cleaning bill.)

Author’s note: After fighting the whole meeting thing for a while, I have come to the reluctant, forced, coerced conclusion, that a regular, focused, purposeful, concise meeting can be a positive event, and not on par with a proctological exam. According to Karl, I should not always act as if I am secretly 9 years old, and lately I have been trying…lololol

Back to the meeting. We discussed many things , but primarily the regulatory environment in which we are currently building, which is markedly similar to Alice in Wonderland. (anyone needing the reference can email me).

In real life it should take about 60 days to build a house completely from the ground up.
In NJ, it takes 4-5 months, is excruciating for everyone involved, and adds about $40,000 to the cost of each home (tragic but true…note: this includes regulatory delays at the state and county levels. Approval time in NJ averages 3 years.)

After griping and bitching for a while , we finished and adjourned.

Sounds pretty classy, but there were no more sandwiches, and only 2 of those really little Heinekens, and everyone is on some kind of stupid diet, and wouldn’t eat the cheesecake in front of anyone else, so we all left.

Me home to blog (ok I snuck back in and had a piece of cheesecake), and everyone else back to their respective lives.

(Can I have comments about cursing? I find my expressive style to be quite hampered by politeness and courtesy…and I am wondering if anyone really gives a damn, or is it like a tree falling in the forest…??? lolol)

Wishing all health and prosperity…



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