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Are You Crazy?? You May Be…Read below

Are You Crazy?? You Just May Be…Read This Now…
Have you been thinking about buying a new home and have just been waiting…?
Waiting for prices to drop?  Stop waiting – they’re not dropping – they’re starting to increase. .
Waiting for interest rates to go lower? Stop waiting – they’re not going any lower, have been rising in the last year and will continue to do so.
Waiting to save up a down payment or closing costs? Stop waiting – We have great programs for 100% financing for 4.875 % for a 30 year fixed mortgage!
Here’s a link from the cover of this month’s issue of Fortune magazine – The Return of Real Estate – Finally!    Check it out.
Here’s a video link from the interview with the author of that article on CNN – The Return of Real Estate – Finally!    Check it out.
Need more proof?

Here’s a direct quote from Edward Collins, Director of the NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, where he details the 100% Financing Programs that New Jersey is offering right now:
Anyone who does not own a home right now, and does not buy one, is absolutely nuts. Right now in most places in New Jersey, it is more expensive to rent than it is to own. It is crazy to wait because interest rates and prices are definitely rising statewide…”
STOP WAITING!  Now is the time to get out of your chair, visit our models (, and claim your dream home.
Give us a call at 800 237 9569 x335 for more information.
So STOP WAITING and Let us help you claim your dream home today!

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