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What are You So Afraid Of? New Homes won’t bite anymore…

Are You Still Scared to Own Your Own Home? Why?

Thanks for taking the time to read this – it may be the most important thing you could do today.

Why not get out of your chair right now, skip the rest of this email and call 800 237 9569 x 335 to learn more or
Skeptical? Ok, the real question is Why Are You Still Renting a Home?
Couldn’t you use an extra $400 a month in your pocket? I know most people could.
Don’t have any money? We have a special program with 100% financing at 5% plus get an extra 4% at 0% towards closing costs. Don’t believe me? Email Steve Brasslett from Brasslett Financial Group and learn details.
Regardless of what you may think, the FACT is that It’s much cheaper to buy right now than it is to rent.
Click this link. It’s a short clip from CNN. Note the comments about owning versus renting.
Also consider this –
– Currently, in Atlantic County, NJ (as well as many other places in the country), you can save $200 – $400 per month by buying a new home as opposed to renting.
Compare a total mortgage payment of $1272 a month PITI* to a rent of $1650 – YOU SAVE $378 A MONTH IN CASH!
Compare a total mortgage payment of $1642 PITI a month to a rent of $2000 – YOU SAVE $358 A MONTH IN CASH!
To see the house, Click Here:
– You can deduct your mortgage interest, claim depreciation as an additional expense against your income, and also know that you are paying a portion of your mortgage every month.  These savings could easily add up to an additional $300 per month
– Let Foxmoor Homes show you how with a 620 credit score, you can finance 100% of your new home, at 5% for 30 years. That’s right – No Money Down for a New Home!
– With just 10% down, you can get a 30 year 5% mortgage with only a 520 credit score – unbelievable just several months ago.
So stop waiting and worrying – you should be scared to not do anything.
Call 800 237 9569 x335 or email us at today and let us show you how to get into your new Dream Home.
Have a great day and come visit us.
Foxmoor Homes 
* PITI stands for principal, interest, taxes and insurance.
** All interest rates are current as of this date and may fluctuate.

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