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Dream Homes Blog 4-6-13 – HOAs, Gas Backup Generators, Vacuum Tube Elevators & other Interesting Notes on the Day

Dream Homes Rebuilding Blog 4-6-13

          HOAs, Gas Backup Generators, Vacuum Tube Elevators & other Interesting Notes on the Day


Greetings NJ –

Hope this post finds you well.

At the request of one of my clients on one of the barrier islands, I attended the Ocean Beach III Homeowners Association April meeting this morning. It was held at Toms River North Auditorium from 9 – 12 am and was certainly an interesting morning. Here are yet another 1000 people in NJ affected by Sandy and over half still don’t have any idea what they should do. Not a good thing at all.

Kudos to the Board of Trustees who gave a concise informative presentation and stuck to their agenda. The meeting ended at 11:10 am, which marks the first time in the annals of recorded history that a HOA meeting ended prior to it’s scheduled time. Excellent job, board members.

That being said, there was the Obligatory Jerk In the Audience, who tried repeatedly to disrupt proceedings. Happily he was shouted down, tarred and feathered and made to stand in the corner as contrition. Ok, he wasn’t really, but he should have been. The president of the board did an excellent job keeping order.  Thanks to the board for trying to facilitate rebuilding efforts as much as possible.

Interestingly enough, the board voted to accept Base Flood Elevation + four feet for all rebuilding projects, as opposed to the ABFE+ 2 approved by Governor Christie in January. A wise move which allows homeowners to (potentially) achieve the lowest cost flood insurance as well as be prepared when FEMA inevitably raises their existing ABFEs.

As a reminder, the current FEMA ABFEs are based on Hurricane Irene, not  Storm Sandy. Ponder that for a moment folks. Smart money is on an increase in ABFEs, although it may be a small one.

Anyway, I digress. With our current Ocean Beach II client, we are demolishing, installing pilings and rebuilding new. Generally, costs are running in the $130 – $150 per foot range for this range of work, depending on options. We continue to recommend ABFE + 4 as a precautionary step, as opposed to ABFE +2. Can’t hurt – will save you some money and may potentially save your home when another storm event occurs.

Mark your calendar: FREE Rebuilding after Sandy Seminar, Thursday 4/25/13 at 2:30 at Kate & Ally’s Restaurant in Forked River. We will be hosting an architect (Scott Lepley), realtor (Tracey Giery), attorney (Sandra Guage), mortgage professional (Steve Brasslett, Ivy First Mortgage) and myself (Vince Simonelli, Dream Homes Ltd., builder) and it will be an open forum for discussion. Come get your specific questions answered – bring your surveys and flood elevation certificates. Seating is limited and there will be refreshments served. Call 732 300 5619 to reserve your space.

New idea for access to your elevated home: Vacuum tube elevators as opposed to traditional home elevators. The VT elevator requires no elevator pit below grade and is a slightly smaller footprint than a regular elevator. Most are clear plexiglass and work on the same principal as the bank drive through – air is hydraulically sucked out one end of a tube, causing the capsule (elevator) to move. Very cool as long as you don’t have issues imagining you are a deposit slip. VT Elevators are also a little cheaper than regular elevators and they are much more of a conversation piece…JJ

 Finally a really excellent idea, which I have somehow neglected to mention prior to today.

Natural gas (or propane) backup generators. The ultimate feeling of independence when the power goes out. Like one client said to me recently (Thanks Tracey!), “Girls love generators”. Well, boys do too. When the power goes out, you want to be That Person whose house is all lit up while the neighborhood is dark.

We’ve done a number of gas backup generators through the years and it is a logical extension to a storm damaged home rebuild. A 2 kw generator will run your house at about 70% of current capacity. The entire installation is about $6,000. Unless the natural gas stops flowing (much less likely than the electricity to go out), you are not affected in a storm event. You sit there in your house, let the water run through your pilings and hope you don’t run out of pasta.

More specifics on this topic later, but a worthwhile consideration when you are spending $150,000 on a new or newly remodeled raised home.

Stay well NJ.


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2 thoughts on “Dream Homes Blog 4-6-13 – HOAs, Gas Backup Generators, Vacuum Tube Elevators & other Interesting Notes on the Day

  1. A lot of Ocean Beach homes are rented in the summer. The elevator is a good idea, but otherwise, how do you see raised homes be fitted for handicapped access?

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