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Dream Homes Memorial Day Blog 5-27-13

             Rebuilding after Sandy – Beach and Boardwalk News, FEMA Flood Hazard Mitigation Program  & Where Will You Stay While Moving?


Happy Memorial Day NJ !

Hope this blog post finds you well.

We have a number of items today and as always, it’s my hope that at least one will help you in your efforts.

      First, let’s take a moment to honor our lost soldiers, who have fought and died for our freedom through the years. While we remember them, and all the men and women fighting for us today, let’s also remember to celebrate the very freedoms they have given us. This year’s celebrations are all the more important, rebuilding as we have been out of the Storm Sandy rubble.

Beach & Boardwalk Memorial Day Activity Report: Proving once again that it is impossible to keep NJ down, there was a lot of great activity all weekend up and down the shore. Saturday was a little cool and we had some rain, but people were out all over the state. Sunday was better weather and each day this week will be a little warmer. Much of the reaction from visitors was disbelief that so much of the beach, boardwalk and commercial infrastructure had been rebuilt and was ready for visitors. NJ has pledged $25 million in a campaign directed specifically to let people know the shore is back and ready for business – and it’s working.

The 102 year old Dr. Floyd L. Moreland Carousel is open again at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights and the boardwalk is complete. The beaches and boardwalks throughout the four main affected counties are for the most part, back in business. It is amazing how much we’ve gotten accomplished in 7 short months – and for most of the first month we had no power, access to the barrier islands or gasoline. Governor Christie was in Belmar & Seaside Heights last week opening the boardwalks, and in Ocean City on Saturday.

Now for some thoughts about money.

FEMA Flood Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (FHMGP)- Update: This program, which was originally closed on 3/13/13, has been reopened. A good link for information is on the Toms River web site at

The program has been funded again, in part by the $600 million NJ received (or will receive) from the federal government (FEMA). It has it’s limitations for many (most) people, but it is definitely a positive step in the process.

FHMGP is a competitive program, meaning when the funds are depleted they are gone. It is first come, first served. First, your have to get on the list. From the TR web site, click on the button on the left for FHMP and fill out the online form, or go directly to .

Some notes:

  1. This grant can be used for 2nd homes – not limited to primary residences.     
  2. Grants are limited to 75%, with the homeowner paying 25% of cost. The good news      is that ICC funds can be used as part of the required match (so unless your repair goes over $120,000, you might not be out of pocket).
  3. You can apply for the grant even if you’ve received Flood Insurance money.
  4. Negative: No funds available for demolition or rebuilding – only raising and      repairing.
  5. Negative: There is no reimbursement for work already completed and approval must be granted prior to any construction proceeding. More delay…:(

So it’s a limited group of people who might qualify and be able to reap benefit from this program, but it’s worth filling out the one page application and getting on the list.

            Where you will live while raising your home? If you are like many people,  your are living in your storm damaged home and waiting for the plans, surveys, borings and permits to be completed so it can be raised. Depending on the extent of the raise and the specifics of what is being completed, you will probably be out of your home between 3-6 weeks so should have some type of an idea where you will stay.

            Ideally, you have a relative or good friend who you can stay with while you are out of your house. If not, try and plan any trips or vacations for the time your house is being raised so that will occupy 1-2 weeks of your time. Worst case, plan for the fall when you  can secure an inexpensive temporary rental for the month.

            Utility disconnects should not be called in until all else is in place. Contrary to what the utility companies tell you about timing, we are finding 1-2 weeks is the common time. All else should be ready to go prior to requesting these shut offs: estimates, plans, borings, surveys – as much as possible. Once utilities are disconnected, a demolition and or house moving permit can be filed with the township. If all is in order, and you call every day and bring cookies and ice cream, 1-2 weeks is a reasonable time to get permits. Work can be scheduled pending their receipt, so excess time is not wasted.

            Once permits are in hand, the entire process generally takes about a month from start to finish. The raise takes 1-2 days, the new foundation takes a week to build and a week or so to get inspected. Stairs and entries take another few days to a week. Utility reconnections can happen at the same time and don’t hold anything up.

Seminar Schedule: Our next Free Rebuilding seminar will be held at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library on June 13, 2013 at 6 pm. We’re hosting an excellent panel of professionals: Scott Lepley, architect, Steve Brasslett, Ivy First Mortgage, Tracey Giery, realtor, and Sandra Guage, attorney. I will be moderating and it’ll be an open forum for discussion to get your specific questions answered. Remember to bring your surveys and flood elevation certificates. Seating is limited and refreshments will be served. Call 732 300 5619 to reserve your space.

I hope my post helps you today and you enjoy a wonderful Memorial Day with your family.

On another note, we actively purchase raw land, building lots and existing properties and have done so for many years. If you have property to sell, give me a call and let us evaluate it for you.

Stay well NJ.


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