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Happy Thanksgiving & Don’t Fry Your Frozen Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

A bright sunny morning it is, and my wishes go out to all for a wonderful holiday.

Several reminders:

1. Let’s make this year The Year Without Deep Fried Turkey Explosions. Please remember not to fry your frozen turkey, since it will probably take off like a mortar round, land on your neighbor’s garage, roll off onto the fence, which might set fire to the car, etc., etc. Please don’t do this…lol  You don’t need this kind of drama in your life.

2. Put your turkey in the oven right now, if you haven’t already!! It’s takes about 1/2 per pound so a 15 pound bird is 7.5 hours! Right now you’re eating at 3:30.

No one wants to eat 7 courses at 6:30 pm. When your loved ones have to wait too long for turkey, they drink and fall asleep and sneak out to McDonald’s or the local Chinese place for a snack to hold them over.

Have a great day and another 100 Happy Thanksgivings!



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