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Ode to the Bitch…A Sandy Requiem on Black Friday

Ode to the Bitch…A Sandy Requiem

There once was a time, not that long past

Over a year has elapsed, it’s gone by at last

We never once thought about lifting our house

Let’s drink to Her passing, that miserable louse.


It’s Sandy who changed us and pushed us around

It’s Sandy we cursed – her issues resound

In her swirling flood waters, our belongings astrew

Things were worse than we thought…if only we knew.


Who ever wanted to deal with the mess?

The loss, the dreams gone, the horrible stress

Will it ever come back and be as it was?

We just couldn’t see, through all of the buzz


But a year has gone by, and we’re stronger for that

Nothing could beat us or lay us down flat

We reached out for help to neighbor and friend

Soon we could see that there might be an end


We learned some new terms, that we never would know

We were confused and so mad, looked for things we could throw!

Elevation and pilings, flood vents and RREM

Everyone thought “ But this happens to them!”


But it happened to us and we’re much better now

We wondered and worried and thought about how

To lift, renovate, flood proof and fix

New words and ideas – we’ve taken our licks


Now all of a sudden, the money is flowing

Though slowly at first, the Shore is now growing

RREM has finally been born

We’re now fixing our lives, which once were so torn.


There are meetings and visits and studies and plans

All of sudden it’s a cry for All Hands!

To hammer and fix, rebuild and repair

Renovate, refurbish and lift – don’t despair!


The Shore is alive, and growing once more

It’s in sight for so many, the old Jersey Shore

When beaches and barbecues with family and friends

Will happen again, our lives on the mend.


Let there be blessings and wishes for peace and good times

So important for all, more so than these rhymes!

We’re much better now, but have further to go

Working together, the Shore will now grow.


So when you’re upset and worried and sad

Take heart fellow Sandster, it’s not really that bad!

You’ve taken your licks and weathered the Storm

Get ready for “happy” to be the new norm!



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