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Dream Homes Rebuilding Blog – 1-17-14 – Invitation to a House Moving Tomorrow & RREM Updates

Dream Homes Rebuilding Blog – 1-17-14

We’re Moving a House Tomorrow & RREM Updates

Hello Sandsters –

I hope all is going well with you in the New Year.

This is an official invitation to a House Moving tomorrow at 201 Matilda Drive in Manahawkin. There will be food and fun and festivities. Ok, there won’t be any of those things unless you bring them, but it will still be loads of fun…J

This blog will be brief, because I am a tired camper and have hours to go before I sleep. I’ve been up and down the state so much this week I feel like a NJ Transit bus. I’ve also been sending this blog (in my mind) all week, and it’s finally happening in real life.

In addition to doing RREM assignments up and down the state, we’re been lifting and moving a house this week and tomorrow is one of the days when we actually slide the house forward. Extremely cool. I will be getting some pictures up on the blog soon also.

Kudos go out to one of our favorite trade partners at Baumgardner House Lifting for doing outstanding work effecting quite a difficult job! Great job guys – I learn from you every time we work together.

House lifting is an interesting and amazing process in general and moving houses is even more so. If you’ve never seen it in person, join us in the morning for a house moving party at 201 Matilda Drive in the Coves section of Manahawkin around 9 am. If you pass a Wawa or Dunkin Donuts, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if you stopped in before you got there…J Just saying.

As I said earlier, RREM work is finally heating up and I have been going on a number of site visits over the last few weeks representing our RREM partners at Robert Wolfe Construction. Each house is different, complicated and interesting and the best part it all is we’re actually helping people get back in their homes and not just yapping about it. Work on the design stage of many jobs is starting immediately and several dozen homes will be under construction in the first quarter of this year.

The wheel is finally starting to turn. That’s great news for the Sandsters.

There have been a number of recent changes to RREM, and a number of things that have not canged but should (and inevitably will).

Several are worthy of note:

1. Pathway B work no longer needs to be bonded, which means lower overall costs to the homeowner and the program. That is an excellent situation which opens up the spectrum of work to a greater number of qualified contractors, as well as giving you more bang for your buck. In case you weren’t aware, bonding costs add an additional 3% – 6% to the cost of a project. I can’t quite figure out if the DCA realized that and changed accordingly or just got tired of the unnecessary additional paperwork, but either way it shaved a ton of money from costs which goes right to you as a homeowner.

2. Unfortunately, design costs under Path B are not in addition to your grant amount, but come out of the amount. Fortunately, when working directly with your own contractor, design costs are probably a third of what they are through the program. With Pathway C, your design costs are in addition to your grant amount. With some people this matters but with most it’s not really that significant.

3. You can still pick your own contractor under Path B, and ironically (or not) many people are picking RREM approved contractors as their contractor. This works out better for both the homeowner, the contractor and the program. The homeowner benefits due to increased speed in getting the work done and the program benefits because more RREM work is getting done. The contractor can spend more time on your home and less on process and paperwork.

4. Pathway C is proving to be a good choice for many people and I ultimately feel that half will choose B and half will choose C. It truly is a matter of personal taste. There is no wrong choice other than to do nothing.

5. You can switch from C to B if you become unhappy for any reason, although it is frowned upon and generally discouraged. You can also switch from B to C, but I’ve not heard of that happening as of yet.

Hope this helps. As always, call or write with any questions.

See you tomorrow morning. If you miss the first move tomorrow, we’ll be doing another on Monday.

Stay well Sandsters.



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