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Dream Homes Rebuilding Blog – RREM Workshops this SATURDAY, 3/15/14

Hello Sandsters – 

Hope you are well and not frozen from today’s lovely weather. Spring is coming soon…I promise. 

I just have a short note today about the Sandy RREM workshops being held in several places in the state on Saturday. By the way, this post also proves that I am able to write a blog of less than 4 pages in length. 

Here is a link from NJ News…if the link doesn’t work, copy it and paste it into a browser.

The workshops are being held from 12-5 pm on Saturday at all 9 of the Sandy recovery centers. 

If you are feeling particularly depressed and morose and have nothing better to do with yourself, you might want to attend. I have no opinion about whether it will be fruitful, but another 5 hours out of your life at this point trying to figure out RREM, might help a little. 

Not that I generally advocate drinking during the day, but a bloody mary or 2 would help before you go…:):) 

These workshops are only for those who have been selected for a RREM grant, not for anyone on a waiting list. 

Hope this helps. Any questions, please call, email or text. 



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