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Dream Homes Ltd. Nearly Famous Rebuilding Blog – 5/7/14 – RREM Mysteries – Path B Delays – Why?? – Rebuilding Seminar Schedule for May – Soil Boring Questions – Construction tips and inspection hold ups –

Dream Homes Ltd. Nearly Famous Rebuilding Blog –

Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC

5 – 7 -14

Greetings to all the Sandsters and I hope you are out and about on this beautiful day.

We have a lot to talk about today, as usual. Updated seminar schedules (Riviera Bay Beach next Wednesday in Toms River & Monmouth Library on Thursday in Shrewsbury), major scheduling inspections and delays, a You Tube link to our last seminar, and some recent changes and delays in RREM Path B funding. We’ll talk time frames, give some construction tips and hints and go into the Path C Sticker Shock Sandsters are dealing with at the final signing after your design stage is complete.

Construction tip for the day: It is very busy in the world of construction at the Jersey Shore and we are continually experiencing delays, especially with inspections. Though many towns are encouraging us to schedule inspections in anticipation of work being done by a certain date, we are still running into 5-8 day times to schedule ongoing construction inspections. This is making scheduling difficult – supposedly building departments are giving preference to RREM projects, but we have several dozen going and I haven’t seen that. The only dependable solution when you are given a day a week out, is to call each day and ask if there’s been a cancellation and they can squeeze you in. Sometimes you get lucky, but often you just wait.

Tip: Try and make sure someone is at the site to meet the building inspector at all critical inspections. It definitely makes a difference. I’ve had inspectors fail sites because there was a piece of wood on the driveway, citing unsafe work conditions.

Other times, they can’t seem to find the construction plans which are attached to the front of the house or the cribbing if the house is in the air. If there’s a warm body there, it’s hard for an inspector to fail you (unless of course you deserve to fail the inspection.

Upcoming Nearly Famous Rebuilding Seminars: Next week we have 2 seminars scheduled – 1 in Toms River on Wednesday 5/14/14 and one in Shrewsbury on 5/15/14.

On Wednesday our seminar will be held at the Riviera Bay Beach Club at 203 Bay Stream Drive in Toms River and starts at 6 pm. I am looking forward to meeting a bunch of nice people and helping them clarify and understand the rebuilding process. Thanks to the RBBC Board for having us and a special thanks to Margaret Q. for helping to set everything up.

On Thursday, we will be at the Monmouth County Library, Eastern Branch at 1001 Rt.35 in Shrewsbury. This seminar also starts at 6 pm and it will be our first seminar in Monmouth County.

Come to either (or both) and get current RREM information and have your specific questions answered. Our panel of professionals at both events includes Evan Hill from Dewberry Engineering and Kathy Dotoli, attorney, with possible appearances from several others on our professional team. I will be moderating and answering construction questions. It’ll be an open forum for discussion so bring your surveys and flood elevation certificates. Seating is limited and refreshments will be served. Call 732 300 5619 to reserve your space.

Note to Sandsters from Long Branch, Point, Sea Bright, Keansberg & Union Beach: – this is our first seminar in Monmouth County, so plan on attending if possible. Remember everyone to bring your surveys, flood elevation certificates and any other documents if you have them.

What I am Wondering…???? I must be missing something. Can anyone offer an opinion as to why every single RREM home does not get a soil boring and geotechnical analysis done FIRST ?? Before we do Tier 2 environmental (no one has failed yet to qualify for the grant and no one ever will, but it is a HUD requirement), and asbestos and lead based paint testing, why don’t we do soil borings?

If we did that, we’d save at least 60 days from the process on each Path C house, since we would know the type of foundation to estimate right in the initial bid, as opposed to bidding it once in Make Believe Land, and then a final time when you actually have hard data to work with.

It will also let us know initially whether a deep foundation system is needed (helical or timber pilings) and more importantly, whether the homeowner can afford to move forward with the cash Contingency Contribution, which you are told about at the end of the process, as you are about to sign.

In my experience, many people are not moving forward with Path C because they don’t have the funds, and decide at that moment to switch to Path B and handle things on their own.

The questions remain: Why don’t we do borings first, since everyone needs them? Why does RREM wait until the entire process is 6 months old and you are ready to get started to tell you that a $25,000, $30,000 or $35,000 contingency contribution is needed from you? You probably chose Path C because you didn’t have any extra money so how can you be expected to come up with the money at the end?

Please ‘splain me Lucy…! Please !!

RREM Path B happenings – Though many Path B Sandster clients initially had gotten large checks in the mail from the program, lately I am hearing delays of 4-6 weeks for that 1st 50% portion to start your project. That makes no sense. Why is the initial payment being delayed all of a sudden? It doesn’t really affect a lot of our clients, since we sign contracts with minimal deposits in order to get design stage work underway, but many Sandsters don’t even have the $5,000 – $10,000 to get the process moving. This is totally not fair – the idea was to give things a boot in the butt and speed up the process, not add another layer of delay. One step forward, 2 steps back. Sad.

You Tube Link to the last Nearly Famous Rebuilding Seminar: A little late to the game, but if you’ve missed our seminars and can’t easily attend, here is a link

It is not edited and is about 2 hours so feel free to fast forward and skip around to watch what you like and need to know.

Searching the Rebuilding Blog: One of the (few) nice things about WordPress is the Search function. You don’t need to read every blog to find what you want – simply enter a key word and it will take you to blogs where the subject you are interested in is discussed. Note to Sandsters who are WordPress experts: I find WP very difficult to navigate and only use about 2% of the functionality. Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated and will earn you a discount on your rebuilding project! JJ.

Lifting and moving your house – Mental Stress Hints:  As we’ve said before, houses just weren’t meant to be picked up from the foundations, where they were comfortably, happily resting. For the first couple of weeks on any home elevation, it is a messy, chaotic, intensely choreographed process.

I am often asked by clients, “Should I stay around and make sure everything goes ok, or should I travel?”

Answer: If you can be travelling someplace warm while your lift is happening, you will be a much less stressed Sandster. It’s interesting to watch the process, but it’s just not much fun seeing your house up in the air waiting to be resettled once again.

Special Feature for clients from Dream Homes: We take photos of all of our jobs on a regular basis and upload them to Dropbox. We then send a link to each client with their houses folder, so they can see what’s happening each day. Everyone seems to like this – you can feel very connected and not be confronted with something that looks like a typical day in Beirut.

Remember – you can switch from Path C (RREM manages the project) to Path B (you manage your contractor and project), but once you switch, you cannot switch back to C. I am averaging one new client a week who is fed up with Path C and switching to Path B.

Remember – if you have a specific question, send me an email or a text. You don’t need to wait for a seminar or a site visit to clarify a point or two. The same goes for those of you under construction. Whether or not you are Dream Homes/Atlantic Northeast Construction client or not, I will always try and help you or guide you in the right direction.

Reminder: if you’ve sent me email or left a voice mail and have not received a response within a day or so, please try and contact me again. I do miss messages here and there.

Note to Sandsters: Though I began and continue to write this blog primarily to help as many Sandsters as possible, Dream Homes Ltd. and Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC are new home builders and general contractors who are actively renovating and reconstructing projects up and down the shore. We are actually doing all of the work that I talk about in the blog. We work with private clients and Path B and C in the RREM program. Call, text or email to set up an appointment for an estimate on your rebuilding project. 

Hope this helps. As always, call or write with any questions.

Stay well Sandsters.



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4 thoughts on “Dream Homes Ltd. Nearly Famous Rebuilding Blog – 5/7/14 – RREM Mysteries – Path B Delays – Why?? – Rebuilding Seminar Schedule for May – Soil Boring Questions – Construction tips and inspection hold ups –

  1. Is there a way I can share your blog on my fb page? I’m sure a ton of my friends in UB would like to attend the Shrewsbury seminar

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hello –

      Sorry for the late response. I have all to do to respond to 150 emails a day and try and build houses…:)
      I think the best way to share it on FB is just a link to http:/
      We do have a FB page but never use it.
      Too much to do and too little time. I do try and respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner though.


  2. Hi Vince,

    First let me thank you for your blog.  I am in the RREM initially in Path C, changed quickly to Path B.  I received my first payment of my funding without delay and my demo and rebuild is scheduled to start the second week of June. 

    I was also approved for the GAP funding, which was only available to Path C.  I have read on the DCA website that since many RREM recipients are changing there paths to Path B that there may be a change coming to the distributions of these fund possibility to those in Path B.  Have you heard anything regarding this?

    Thank you, Kathleen Clancy Wildwood NJ

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