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Dream Homes Nearly Famous Rebuilding Blog – 10-25-14 New NJ Elevation Law & Seminar – Date Change – Now Wednesday 11/12/13 at 6 pm

Home elevation requirement – New Law – 10-1-14

Hello Sandsters –

Hope you are well and enjoying your weekend.

Believe it or not, this might just be the First Short Rebuilding Blog…:) Today, we’ll just talk about seminar date changes and touch on the new Home Elevation Law in NJ. And that’s all, folks…:)

Just a short note today about a change of date for our next Nearly Famous Rebuilding Seminar. It is now been moved up one day to Wednesday, 11/12/14 at 6 pm from the date I previously announced, which was Thursday 11/13/14.

For those of you who have responded already, I will be sending you an email with an update. Anyone else who would like to attend, please note the date has changed.

So the next Nearly Famous Rebuilding Seminar  will now be held on Wednesday November 12th at the Toms River branch of the Ocean County Library in the fantastic Green Room. We’ll start at 6 and keep answering questions until they kick us out. We’ll be hosting Evan Hill, engineer, Scott Lepley, architect and Kathy Dotoli, an attorney in Toms River. I’ll be moderating and providing construction input and amusement. As always, we’ll be serving light refreshments since everyone’s hungry by 6:30. Please call 732 300 5619 to reserve your space.

On another note, on October 1, NJ passed a law requiring any contractor elevating houses in NJ to have a separate license. This is a fantastic thing for consumers in NJ and something I wholeheartedly agree with. Our preferred elevation contractor, Baumgardner House Lifting, was the first company in NJ to apply for the new license.

In typical NJ fashion, none of the new licenses have been issued pending document review, but thankfully there are provisions in the law that allow contracted work to proceed while NJ is sharpening their pencils and getting their file folders in order.

I posted a link above to a flier that we received  which outlines some of the new requirements if you would like to review it further. You can also go to for more information.

Enjoy the weekend Sandsters.


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One thought on “Dream Homes Nearly Famous Rebuilding Blog – 10-25-14 New NJ Elevation Law & Seminar – Date Change – Now Wednesday 11/12/13 at 6 pm

  1. Dear Vince,   Our lives will truly NEVER be the same. The wear and tear on our bodies rivals the wear and tear of Superstorm Sandy on our property. When I tell a person whose October/November 2012 lack of electricity is a distant memory that I still am doing Sandy Flood 2012 stuff, he says, “Poor Christina.” I hasten to tell him that I may be the only such Veteran HE knows (despite the fact that he lives in toms River), but that I am part of a group of THOUSANDS.   You are the only reason tonight that I feel a GLIMMER of hope. Your angel wings should be emblazoned on the back of your shirt so we can hold this little bit of hope in our hearts even as you walk away.   Please sign me up for the Wednesday evening seminar.   My RREM HOUSING ADVISOR has been changed. Something they neglected to inform me of. I hope they will stay on schedule and tell me my award amount on Monday, Oct 27. My RREM (Gilbane) inspection was Monday, Oct 13.   Christina Weaver

    Christina E. Weaver Attorney at Law 314 Alameda Drive Brick, New Jersey 08723  Landline: 732-920-1121  Cell:     732-221-0468

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