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Dream Homes Nearly Famous Rebuilding Seminar – Rescheduled to 3/5/15 & Soil Boring Notes & Stop FEMA Now

Hello Sandsters –

Hope you are well and not frozen too much. God, I hate winter…:(

Just 3 brief notes for you today, dear frozen Sandsters.

Our Nearly Famous Rebuilding Seminar which was scheduled for tonight at 6 pm has been rescheduled for 2 weeks from today, to Thursday March 5th. I believe that 9 degree weather is not conducive to human health and no matter how badly you need information about rebuilding, you shouldn’t go out in those temperatures. It’s bad enough we are out working in this merde. 

Anyway, the Seminar is the same bat time, same bat channel, just on a different day. The seminar is from 6-8:45 pm at the Toms River branch of the Ocean County Library, at which time they are usually kicking us out. We’ll be serving light refreshments and as always we’ll have some great speakers for you.

Unfortunately, the Green Room is not available for that night, so we will be in the Hometown Dairy Room on the second floor. Give me a call at 732 300 5619 to reserve your space.

On another note, we will soon be the Ocean County builder sponsor for the Stop Fema Now organization, which is a great group trying to effect a lot of important changes in FEMA code and policy. You may have seen George Kasimos recently in the news giving grief to a bunch of blowhards at a town hall meeting…my kind of guy. Check out their website at

FInally, a sincere entreaty to Sandsters that are trying to move things along on their design phase. Please, PLEASE stop ordering plain auger soil borings, as opposed to Split Spoon borings. 90% of the time you are wasting your money with an auger boring, because it does not show soil density and the design professional doing your foundation plans will not have enough information to do the work. 

Many of you are calling Jonas Endressen Well Drilling. Jonas has been a well driller in NJ for about 50 years and he has been doing many, many borings for people lately. While Jonas is a decent well driller, he does not do split spoon borings, and you have to pay him in cash. Sandsters are thinking they are getting a great deal at $400 bucks a boring, but it is just a waste of money. Spend the $650 or $700 and get the correct boring done. Better yet, work with a professional who will handle this entire process for you.

That’s all for today Sandsters. I hope it helps you move forward. As always, call or write with any questions.

Stay warm.



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