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Important: Superstorm Sandy Fraud & Rebuilding Seminar Rescheduling – Please pass along to other Sandsters affected by SUPERSTORM SANDY

Hello Sandsters –

Hope you are well and on your way home before the latest blizzard tonight. Hasn’t winter been a joy?

Today, I have some important (great) news concerning the FEMA insurance scandal and wanted to get it right out to you. Details are below and there is also a link  to an amazing CBS report that you have to watch.  (If the links don’t work, cut and paste them into a browser).

Update regarding our Nearly Famous Rebuilding Seminar: Because of the latest snowstorm warnings, I was going to wait until tomorrow to reschedule the Rebuilding seminar. However, the Toms River Library ladies called earlier and said, “Look, we’re going to close tomorrow afternoon since it will have been snowing for 12 hours in dropping temperatures, so do you want to reschedule your seminar or shall we just cancel it for you now? Hmmm?”

So I took the 26th of March and just rescheduled the seminar for the 2nd time.

Meanwhile, I am working on a webinar and video recording for tomorrow night’s seminar so you may be able to enjoy it with popcorn in the comfort of your living room. Stay tuned.

More importantly, regarding the FEMA insurance issue, I received the email below from Kathy Dotoli, who is an attorney and former client from Toms River. Kathy specializes in worker’s compensation and social security disability and is a frequent speaker at our seminars. Her email below is an excellent summary of the latest news, so I am forwarding it to you almost in its entirety. This is important news for a lot of people.

Kathy Dotoli writes,

“As you know, we lost our family house due to flooding from Superstorm Sandy.  Though you have since demolished the old home and built us a new one, I still continue to stay current on the issues facing Sandy victims today and try to pass along information from which Jersey Shore residents can benefit.  This week’s REALLY BIG NEWS confirms what many of us have suspected about the engineering reports prepared by insurance adjusters….that the reports were OFTEN and SYSTEMATICALLY ALTERED to show less damage than what had actually occurred as a result of the storm.  Examples focus mostly on the element of structural damage which, if found, would result in the most amount of money paid on a claim.  Altering the reports to state “no structural damage” significantly reduces the amount of money an insurer must pay to repair a home, leaving the homeowner with few options.

Thanks to a handful of homeowners and a few honest adjusters, this fraud has been discovered and FEMA is finally taking action to correct this.   The following link to the CBS news story will better explain what is happening.

If one of your clients thinks they have been issued a bogus engineering report resulting in less money to fix their home, the time is NOW to contact your Senator or Congressman to make sure they are included in the FEMA settlement.  And please note, even if a settlement has already been reached with FEMA, if one can prove that the structural report was fraudulent there should still be opportunity to reopen the matter.    Here are links to their names and addresses:\

Hopefully you or someone you know can benefit from this major breakthrough in settlement negotiations.  If you have any questions or comments, please give me a call to discuss them.

Kathleen M. Dotoli, Esq.

Workers’ Compensation & Social Security Disability Law

Law Office of Kathleen M. Dotoli

225 Washington Street

The Cottage

Toms River, NJ  08753

Phone:  732-228-7534

Fax: 732-228-7861  “

End Quote

Thank you Kathy for that excellent email and link to the article.

Sandsters, hopefully this post helps you in some way.

Meanwhile, stay safe and warm. Be careful driving. Spring is coming soon.



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2 thoughts on “Important: Superstorm Sandy Fraud & Rebuilding Seminar Rescheduling – Please pass along to other Sandsters affected by SUPERSTORM SANDY

  1. Just found you on FB. Maybe you can help me with a problem. Our house is in Shore Acres in Brick. It was more than 50% destroyed and we got enough money to repair it. When we began the work for the required raising we were told our property would not support the house on a foundation and that we would be required to use helicasl. We had a second boring done with the same results. Helicals cost 800,00 to 1,000 each and the cost estimate we are getting are approaching 300,000 . Our grant was for 150,000 and we do not have an additional 1,500,00 to spend on the house. I am looking for a source for additional funding.
    We had sold our house and were to close and move to a new house on Oct 31. Everything we owned was packed and ready to go and all was destroyed by the 46 inches of water in my house. We left the house with the clothes on our back… content insurance. We were 90,000 in debt when we finished the rebuild because we had to replace everything. So, I can’t incur any more. debt.
    Any help or information would be appreciated.
    Eileene Hutchinson
    973 714 3642
    Jim Hutchinson
    973 714 3632

    1. Hi Eileen –

      I am sorry for your experience which sounds quite awful. As a last resort, and assuming you are in Path B, I would suggest getting additional estimates to see if you can come closer to your budget.
      Unless your house is extremely large, $300,000 sounds quite excessive.
      If I can help you further, please don’t hesitate to call.
      Good luck to you.

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