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Applying for Social Security Disability? Top 5 Things You Should NOT Do that Could Jeopardize Your Chances of Winning Your Case

Hi Sandsters….Here’s a great article from a member of our professional team. If you are in need of social security disability advice or worker’s compensation advice, contact Kathleen Dotoli for guidance.

Injured at Work? Know Your Rights!

So you’ve made the difficult decision to stop working due to injury or illness and decided to apply for social security disability benefits (SSD).  Everything’s in place, but are you doing everything you can to ensure you will qualify?

Here’s a list of the Top Five Reasons why you may still be denied and what you can do to present your best case.

  • You’re Still Working       Let’s be reasonable. If you are trying to prove your inability to work, but are still actually employed, you have not proven your case. You are demonstrating your ability to work simply by remaining in the workforce. And while Social Security Administration (SSA) recognizes your need to bring home a paycheck, they will have a hard time approving your claim. Most people who have successful applications cannot engage in full time work of any kind and have made the hard choice not to…

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