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Dream Homes Ltd – Nearly Famous Rebuilding Blog – 10-2-15 – The Calm Before The Storm, Should You Be Concerned and What Can You Do?

Hello Sandsters –

Hope all is well.

It has been a while since I’ve written but I wanted to pen just a few words today about the impending storm, the chance that it might be another Storm Sandy and preparations you are still be able to make in the next few days before the storm is supposed to hit our area. 

To begin, no one knows much of anything for sure except that we’ll be getting lots of rain. Keeping your windows closed, using an umbrella and wearing a hat are good precautions against that situation.

There are 14 out of 20 predictive models saying the storm will veer east somewhere near Virginia / Maryland, so rain might be the extent of our issues up here at the Jersey Shore. An excellent idea for your sanity is to stop drinking the Weather Disaster Kool Aid until there is something concrete to consider.

In other words, the mass hysteria gripping the Jersey shore may be all for naught. It’s not quite time to evacuate although it might not be a bad idea to get some gas for the generator and stock up on those tasty breakfast sandwiches from Wawa.

That being said, if your house is currently up in the air, there’s not really much that can be done to prevent storm damage, other than doing what we usually do, which is saying quiet prayers. It’s a bit unnerving seeing a house in the air, but the chance of a house falling or becoming dislodged from the cribbing structure is extremely small. Keep in mind that the average home weighs 40 + tons, so there is a tremendous amount of weight concentrated on the temporary support structure holding it down. It is very unlikely to shift unless one of the crib stacks is undermined in some way. If there is a trench dug within 2 feet of a cribbing stack which will allow water to flow and erode the ground, that could potentially be an issue, but otherwise if the house was correctly braced in the first place, rain and modest wind will not affect it adversely.

If there is a trench for a concrete footing or other reason, simply make sure the water has no place to run and just fills the trench, so there is no chance of erosion. Unless there is an earthquake (highly unlikely in central and southern New Jersey) or winds in excess of 100 mph (a Category 2 hurricane, which is also extremely unlikely), as long as there is no chance of the cribbing eroding or collapsing, your house should be fine.

However, there is still a risk of damage from wind-borne debris, which can do much greater harm than anything else. The most sensible precaution is to secure any loose objects around your property. We spent the day doing this and will continue tomorrow on all of our projects. This list includes lawn furniture, pieces of wood or plywood, general debris and small watercraft like kayaks, paddleboards, canoes and their associated stuff (paddles, oars, floats, etc). Even winds of 50 mph, which is 16 mph less than a Category 1 hurricane, can be dangerous if loose items become airborne. Keep in mind that the single largest risk during a storm event is the house envelope being penetrated and water and wind being able to come in. If the windows, walls and roof are not breached during a storm, there is little chance of a catastrophic structural failure.

Sandsters, I hope this helps calm some nerves and I wish you good luck. Statistically, the odds are that there will be no significant storm event and we will all be fine, although possibly a little soggy from the rain. 

If we can help in anyway or answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email.

Take care and stay well Sandsters. 


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