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3 Exciting Developments for you today!

  1. We’ll be streaming our 6/14 Rebuilding Seminar on Facebook Live so if you can’t make it in person, call in or text with questions and comments.
  2. Check out our live interview with Wall Street Analyzer—the link is below.
  3. Read about all the great new people we’ve added to the Dream Team!

 Just a quick reminder, our next “Nearly Famous” Rebuilding Seminar will be held on Wednesday, June 14th. Join us for pizza and wine! It will be held again at the Tuscan Bistro in Toms River at 6 pm.  Topics covered will include architectural and engineering planning, construction technique, consumer safety cautions when dealing with a builder, advice on financing your project, and comments and tips about home elevation. We also talk about RREM issues, (the lunacy of) managing your own project , the money builders really make on your project and ways to avoid delays and going over budget.

        Please call to reserve your spot as space is limited and refreshments will be served.  609-693-8881 or 732-300-5619.

FB Seminar posting

On another note,  in the last 2 weeks, we’ve added 4 more new projects, 2 of which are rescues.  We’re proud and honored that 4 more homeowners trust us with their projects. It’s a great feeling helping Sandsters get back into their homes!

More great people on the Dream Team!                                                                                   Dream Homes & Development Corporation (OTCQB: DREM) is happy to announce the addition of key personnel and a new division to its Company.  We’re adding great people so we can better serve our clients.

Dream Homes has hired Joe Pascucci as its VP of Business Development.  Joe has extensive sales, marketing, and management experience in the renovation and new construction field.  Joe developed and led the elevation, renovation and new home division for a competitor over the last four years and was responsible for $8 million in sales during that time. Joe is a graduate of Fordham University in New York and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Prior to his career in construction, Joe was a computer science and math professor at Richard Stockton College of NJ.

We also hired Lou Obsuth as our  VP of Sales.  Lou has been successfully running a modular company, Jersey Shore Modular, for a number of years. Lou will now head our new modular division from our new showroom in Point Pleasant.   Dream has acquired four ongoing projects from Lou as well as an extensive existing prospect and client base. Lou is also a licensed electrician.

The new office and showroom in Point Pleasant will allow Dream Homes to better serve the northern Ocean / southern Monmouth region of New Jersey, and will complement the main office in Forked River.  The showroom offers a complete kitchen, bath, flooring and finish design center.

For more detail, I just did an audio interview yesterday with Wall Street Analyzer that can be heard at:                                                     

Construction Personnel Overview:

Dream Homes is led by its Chairman & CEO Vincent C. Simonelli, who has been directly involved in the development, construction and sale of over 2000 home and commercial projects since 1993 in New Jersey.  In addition to developing and building over 1600 single and multi-family units, Vince developed an additional 1000 units which were sold to other national builders.

In addition to Vince Simonelli, Dream Homes has three regional project managers, who manage construction projects in each of its three building regions.

Tim Tennis has over 30 years’ experience in both commercial and residential applications. In addition, Tim is or was licensed in all 3 mechanical trades (plumbing, electric and HVAC) and brings a wealth of structural experience to the table. Tim oversees and runs the busiest Dream region, which is the northern Ocean region and has directly overseen over 80 elevation and new home construction projects for Dream.

Jorge Sandoval has been with Dream Homes for four years and has extensive experience in residential renovations. Jorge has managed over 75 elevation and new home construction projects for the Company.

Michael Boccino is a recent addition to our construction management team and has over 35 years’ experience in both residential and commercial projects.  Michael also has extensive experience in management and construction of new home developments and will be overseeing one or more of the projects Dream Homes has in the pipeline.

Additionally, Dream Homes has three separate framing crews, its own plumbing crew, its own dedicated HVAC crew and a licensed electrician on staff.

Have a great day and happy building!

Vince Simonelli                                                                                                                             Dream Homes & Development Corp. (OTCQB: DREM)                                                                   Dream Building LLC.                                                                                                                             Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC                                                                                             New Home Builder #045894                                                                                                                 Home Improvement Contractor #13VH07489000                                                                  Main Office: 314 S. Main Street Mailing: PO Box 627                                                                    Forked River, NJ 08731                                                                                                                          Office: 609 693 8881 F: 609 693 3802 Cell: 732 300 5619                                                                Email:                                                                                                   Website:                                                Blog:

Please refer us to anyone you think we might be able to help. We hold a Rebuilding Seminar every other month and write a helpful Rebuilding Blog. Ask about our referral program.

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