About Dream Homes

Vincent Simonelli, president of Dream Homes, is a life long resident of New Jersey and has been building new homes and developments for families throughout the state for almost 24 years.  With the balance of the management team, Dream Homes brings over 100 combined years of construction and development experience to the table, offering homeowners and new clients a complete turn-key solution to their new construction or home elevation/renovation needs. Read below for more information.

Dream Homes & Development Corp. (a publicly traded fully reporting company OTCQB: VRTR) & Dream Building LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dream Homes.

Dream Homes & Development Corp. and Dream Building LLC are building and development companies which operate primarily in the coastal regions of New Jersey.

The companies are licensed new home builders and general contractors who are actively raising, renovating and reconstructing homes up and down the New Jersey shore area. Dream Homes is a full service construction company located in Forked River, New Jersey that is equipped to complete all aspects of a building project, from design, architectural and engineering services through all aspects of residential construction.

Since Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey shore area Dream Homes has specialized in managing and supervising home elevations, reconstruction and construction of new housing in conformance to the new Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards for Flood Zone construction as well as the latest IBC (International Building Code) Dream works with private clients as well as Path B clients in the RREM program.

Since 2013, Dream has completed approximately 190 elevation, renovation and new construction projects and have 28 currently in progress. It is anticipated that the company will complete 50 -60 during 2017 and that number should increase steadily for the foreseeable future. Storm Sandy affected over 35,000 households through New Jersey, all of which need to be elevated and renovated or demolished and rebuilt. Dream Homes offers construction & development services in all of their variations and conservatively anticipates completing 75+ renovation & elevation projects per year for the next 15 years.

In addition to the renovation and elevation division of the company, Dream currently has several new home properties under contract and in development. These new developments include 13 single family homes, 58 townhomes and 68 waterfront townhomes, all located in the Ocean County area of New Jersey. These developments are projected to be through engineering and to start in the late 2017 & early 2018 time periods. The projects are estimated to add approximately $28,000,000 in gross sales over the 2018 – 2020 time period.

Dream anticipates that within 24 months the company’s business will be evenly divided between renovation/elevation work and new home construction.

Our executive team has constructed over 1600 single and multi-family homes over the last 24 years and brings over 100 combined years of broad spectrum experience to the table.

Some of the many services Dream Homes and Dream Building LLC currently perform for clients include project planning, structural engineering and geotechnical analysis for existing foundation and soil capacity, determining the proper new foundation system and lifting method for each site, constructing new concrete block or piling foundations, establishing schedules, coordinating project timing and managing the entire construction team through project completion.

One of the unique set of skills that Dream Homes offers to the market is the ability to design and coordinate all aspects of each varied project from start to finish. Since Dream has been working steadily with private & RREM Path B clients, the company also has a breath of knowledge to share with clients about navigating the bureaucratic mazes of the various state grant programs. In addition, most general contractors are not equipped or experienced in the necessary varied skills required to take on turn key projects of the current complexity. Most new home builders cannot or choose not to offer the homeowner the option of elevating or moving their house and can only offer clients new home construction. Since Dream is licensed and experienced as both a new home builder as well as general contractor, we can offer the full spectrum of services that a client may need, regardless of how they choose to proceed. For this reason, we occupy a unique place in the market.

Vince Simonelli, president of Dream, has been writing a blog for the last 48 months entitled “Dream Homes Nearly Famous Rebuilding Blog” (http://blog.dreamhomesltd.com) which discusses in detail all aspects of reconstruction as well as details regarding how to navigate the state RREM (Rehabilitation, Renovation, Elevation & Mitigation) & HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program). The blog has been extremely popular with affected Sandy victims and is a constant source of new business for Dream Homes, as well as a reliable reference guide to affected homeowners. Dream Homes Rebuilding Blog comes up first in Google searches for “Rebuilding after Sandy” and “RREM” and Vince is known to many clients and homeowners as “The Sandy Blog Guy”.

Dream Homes also hosts monthly seminars up and down the state, where they bring together the entire professional team, including engineer, architect, attorney and construction professional. These seminars are provided as a service to the respective communities and have proven to be extremely popular with homeowners.

Dream Homes web site can be seen at www.dreamhomesltd.com and the rebuilding blog at http://blog.dreamhomesltd.com. With main offices in Forked River, New Jersey and a satellite office in Point Pleasant, Dream is also uniquely situated to accept projects from northern Monmouth County to southern Atlantic County, an area which comprises 90% of all Sandy affected homes. Vince Simonelli can be reached directly at 732 300 5619 or via email at vince@dreamhomesltd.com.

You can also call the main office at 609 693 8881 or visit the company web page at http://www.dreamhomesltd.com to learn more about the company and their homes.

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to working with you.

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