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Dream Homes Rebuilding Blog – 1-27-17 Shore House Lifters Indicted ! A Real Scope of Work -Rebuilding seminar – Hometown Hero – RREM

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Hi Sandsters –

Hope all is well with you today.

Today I’ve got a ton of stuff for you. I have a recap of the last week, which was filled with seminars, awards, social engagements and events. (Quite a bit more activity than I am used to, but now that I have my Golden Hometown Hero Cape, I am bearing up under the pressure.) We bring back the Hall Of Shame and feature the Shore House Lifting Miscreants (Thanks Bill Gephardt for great comments on Facebook about how to pick an established contractor). There’s a whole bunch of interesting items for your consideration today.

***One of the more interesting items I include is a copy of one of our Estimate / Scope of Work, which shows you what a proper scope of work should look like, and the minimum standard that you should accept. If you are considering purchasing anything more complex than an 8’ x 16’ deck, you need to look at this and revise your expectations accordingly. It adds a few pages to this week’s blog, but if it helps you, it’s definitely worth the read.

We’ll talk about last week’s Nearly Famous Rebuilding Seminar, we’ll congratulate Kathy Dotoli, Esq. for her Top Ten in NJ Award for Customer Satisfaction, we’ll talk about our Hometown Hero Award from Brick, and we’ll mention the 2 Caravans where I spoke, which were sponsored by Gary Migliazza from City Abstract.

Finally, with absolutely no finesse or sense of style, we present lots of videos for your viewing pleasure. I’ve been trying to pay for someone to create landing pages in WordPress so I could group all our video together, but that seems to be beyond our capacity for some reason. (We manage multiple complex systems with 1000 steps and 50 simultaneous moving parts in each project, but unless I learn how to fix our blog page, we can’t seem to get it in order. Sigh. Help me, please.)

Anyway, here we go….to a galaxy far, far away….you can see me yakking away below if you didn’t get to the last seminar.

A Whole Bunch of Videos….Some fun, some helpful, some enlightening, some educational…

Here are 2 wonderful testimonials from two of our clients, who spoke at the Rebuilding seminar last week.      Pat Daly         Al Gashler

Thank you both – I’m honored that we’ve could help you!

Videos from the 1/18/17 Rebuilding Seminar – From Vince    Vince Simonelli – Change orders and Hometown Hero!         Vince Simonelli – Being your own General Contractor – Elevations, flood insurance time frames, the cost / benefit equation        Vince Simonelli – Communication with your Builder & ICC funds           Vince Simonelli – Why We are Raise Our Homes!

Here’s a video of Dan Wheaton, Architect, who we work with on several our projects…    Dan Wheaton, Architect

Thieves and Lowlifes – The Hall of Shame

Breaking News!!!  

Shore House Lifters FINALLY Charged by the Division of Consumer Fraud! Bye Bye Paul & Paul !!

(Unfortunately it’s a civil charge, and not criminal, which is a real shame. These guys did the same thing, over and over and over again…)

These guys deserve all they get and more for the pain and aggravation & loss they’ve caused so many people. They knew what they were doing. Assholes.

$1.2 million in theft – I’ve been warning people about this for 2 years.

Price Home Group – Interesting article – Another Interesting Group of Thieves –

Paraphrase: Do you guys really need to take $20,000 – $30,000 a month each in salary immediately, when you opened the company with $10,000?

Nearly Famous Rebuilding Seminar –Wednesday a week and a half ago on January 18th, 2017 we held our last Rebuilding Seminar, which was a great success. Since then we’ve taken on 2 new clients, one of whom we are rescuing from the infamous J&N Contracting. We also had 2 of our current clients attend and give us wonderful testimonials, which was a fantastic experience. Those videos are above if you want to view them. The seminar continues to be the most effective method for people who are just starting their projects, or who have been abandoned by other contractors to get answers and chart a path going forward. We’ve been holding them for 4 years now, we’re the only ones who make the effort and it is well worth it based on the number of people we’ve helped.

Our next Nearly Famous Rebuilding Seminar will be held on the Ides of March, which is Wednesday March 15th, 2017 from 6 pm at the Tuscan Bar and Grill on Hooper Avenue in Toms River, across from the Ocean County Mall. We’ll focus on Sandsters that are early in the process, and have not completed design work, or chosen a builder or architect. We offer engineering & architectural design advice, RREM guidance at the initial stages, and help with choosing the right builder or contractor. Please call to reserve a space if you would like to attend since refreshments will be served and space is limited.

Congratulations again to Kathy!  We’d like to offer a special congratulation to Kathleen Dotoli, a worker’s compensation and disability attorney in Toms River. Kathy regularly gives an excellent consumer protection presentation at our Rebuilding Seminars Kathy was recognized with a very prestigious award – she was voted one of the Top Ten Attorneys in NJ for Client Satisfaction in the area of Disability Law. Way to go Kathy – much deserved!!

You can find out more about Kathy Dotoli and her legal practice at

Dream Homes Team and Vince Simonelli – Hometown Hero Award in Brick Township!

The Hometown Hero ceremony was last Friday, January 20th at 7 pm at Brick High School. I received a Golden Hometown Hero Cape (which I wearing 24 hours a day since then.) You’ll be able to recognize me on the street since I’ll probably be the only guy walking around with a Golden Cape and sandals.

I gave a short speech, thanking our great Dream Homes team, Bob Steimle for nominating us and the teachers and administration in Brick Township for holding such a great program.

Needless to say, we’re quite proud of the nomination! This award is given in Bricktown to people and companies who do nice things to help people in need. Our great team has helped an unfortunate Sandster – a good guy named Bob Steimle. Thanks for the kind words and recommendation Bob! I’m happy we could help.

Dream Homes is very honored to receive the Hometown Hero award. It represents the spirit of who we are and we hope to embody that spirit every day going forward.

Mission Statement and Comment: We’re here to help you when no one else will. We regularly handle the messiest, most unpleasant, real estate, construction and renovation situations. We do the projects that no one else can do, and help people finish their projects and get back in their homes. If you’re stuck and can’t figure out how to proceed, call us and we’ll do our best to help you.

There’s Real…and then there’s Memorex…(am I dating myself again??)

Sandsters, here’s What an Estimate and Scope of Work is Supposed to Look Like…

(Forgive the formatting mistakes, I just grabbed a spreadsheet and copied it in to the blog. If they make you crazy, email me and I’ll send you a spreadsheet with a sample scope of work.)

Estimates for custom or semi- custom new homes should be 3-5 detailed pages, as well as a standard features list. Elevation projects should have scopes of work between 4 – 8 pages, and they should be extremely detailed. If they are not detailed, the person who did them does not know your project well enough to build it.

Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC

A wholly owned subsidiary of Dream Homes Ltd.                                       

314 S. Main Street, Forked River, NJ 08731

Mailing: PO Box 627, Forked River, NJ 08731

1/25/2017                              Office: 609 693 8881 Fax: 609 693 3802 Cell: 732 300 5619

Estimate              Scope of work            Happy Homeowner

123 Satisfied Street, All Over, NJ

Description: This elevation project shall include completing the helical pile foundation and installing a new grade beam, as per plan. Concrete block will be installed and a new floor system will be constructed.

The house will be lowered onto the new floor, and all necessary bolts, straps and connections will be made.

Reinstall the existing furnace & boiler and new hot water heater in their old locations on the new floor system.

Install new hot water baseboard in new bedroom and repair hot water baseboard in cedar room.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

We will install engineered wood flooring in the entire house, except sun & utility room, which will be ceramic tile.

A new bathroom with shower will be built and the existing kitchen will be reinstalled.

A new composite 38′ x 8′ wraparound deck w/vinyl rail will be built in the rear with stairs built to grade.

A new composite 4’x6′ composite deck w/vinyl rail will be built in the front, with stairs built to grade.

The existing electrical service will be elevated to > BF +1, as required.

All utilities will be reconnected from the street, and all electric, gas, water and sewer will be reconnected at the house.

Most importantly, at the end of your project, you will be our 1592nd satisfied homeowner since 1993.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Detail             SCOPE OF WORK

Preparation, Mobilization & Elevation, as appropriate

Submit plans, surveys, plot plan, building & zoning permits, as needed

Mobilize equipment and machinery, prepare site

Disconnect/cut and cap water/sewer

Lower house onto new foundation.

Demo & Removal

Demo / saw cut existing slab as needed, to install new pilings and footings for piers

Foundation – Pilings

Install and certify 8″ steel helical piles, up to 15′ in depth, up to 3 piles

Foundation – Concrete

Exterior concrete block 8″x16″, new, < 15 courses

Install Smart Vent or equivalent flood vents, up to 8 vents

Bolts, rebar, strapping, all necessary hardware

Install concrete lintels over foundation openings, as required

Apply smooth mortar parge coat to all exterior concrete block

Engineered fill, to elevate crawl to outside grade (per cubic yard), 1 load, 20 cubic yards

16″x16″ concrete block piers, pilasters or steel lolly columns, < 3 pcs.

8″x16″ CMU block piers/pilasters, < 6 pcs.

Footings for piers, 24″x 24″ x 18″ dig, form, rebar, concrete, < 3 pcs

Footing/grade beam, 24″x18″, form, rebar, concrete

12″ concrete sonotube footings for exterior platform & stairs, < 14 pcs

4″ concrete slab under house, patch as needed, < 400 SF

Install 2 x 2 patio blocks at bottom of stairs/entries, 4′ x 4′ or as needed, front & rear

Framing & general carpentry

Repair/replace sill plate – 2″ x 6″ treated lumber

Install H 2.5 hurricane clips from girders to new floor/ceiling joists, roof rafter, for code

Install triple 2″ x 8″ girders/joists, for girders, as per plan

Install triple 2″ x 10″ joists under house, create girder, as per plan

Remove door to exterior in utility room, patch in sheathing, sheetrock & siding.                                                                                                                                                                               

Pin in closet, left rear of house, insulate, repair siding and sheathing                                                                                                                                                              

Floor System & Platforms

Build / raise AC platform / brackets, exterior, 2 pcs or wider                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Elevated 2″ x 8″ floor system, with 3/4″ t&g sub floor, < 960 sq ft

Elevated 2″ x 10″ floor system, with 3/4″ t&g sub floor, < 250 sq ft


Install new Silverline double hung 36″ x 46″ window, lower level, 4 pcs

Material allowance: $200 per window

Garage Doors

Install 1/2 HP garage door opener, 1 pc(s).

Install new 8′ x 7′ Clopay or Haas garage door, vinyl, insulated, allowance $900 per door


Install new exterior 36″ door(s), from garage & basement, 2 pcs

Install new 72″ Silverline or American Craftsman sliding glass door, 1st floor, 1 pc(s)

Material allowance: $800 per door

Siding, Gutters & Leaders, Cultured Stone, Trim Board

Repair and replace siding, match existing as closely as possible

Note: Cedar Impressions in front, and standard vinyl siding in rear and sides

Extend / install new, gutter downspouts and leaders, <  80 LF

Install new Certainteed siding, below existing, < 900 sq ft                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Includes corners, starter strip, J channel, faschia                                  

Install new Cedar Impression siding in front of house, < 200 square feet                                                                                                                                                                       

Extend down to 2′ from grade                                    


Not included in the scope of this estimate – to be estimated separately as needed


Install faced R19 Insulation, in floor, as needed, < 1220 sq ft

Sheetrock & cement board

Repair sheetrock cracks, as needed, ready for paint

Install 2 layers 5/8″ sheetrock, garage ceiling

Install 1 layer 1/2″ sheetrock for walls, lower 4′ throughout house

Interior – General

Reinstall existing kitchen, sink, appliances, counters

Install new vanity, sink, faucet, toilet, shower valve & diverters

Tile surround with tile bed

Tile allowance is $2 per sq ft (floor & wall)

Fixture allowance for vanity, sink & faucet: $400

Install floor drain w/overflow pan for washer, new laundry room (if required)

Supply and Install baseboard molding, as needed, < 220 LF

Install chair rail in sunroom, as needed, < 55 LF

Carpet & Flooring

Install 3/4 oak hardwood throughout house, < 1000 sq ft

Note: Homeowner to supply engineered hardwood flooring                                               

Install tile in sun & utility room, $2.00 psf material allowance, up to 340 sq ft.                                                                                                                                                                               

Install underlayment – 1/4″ plywood for bath


Paint new sheetrock 2 coats, lower walls where repaired

Stain sunroom in rear, walls, < 500 sq ft

Plumbing, HVAC & other mechanical                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Repair baseboard heat as needed, sunroom

Install new baseboard heat in garage/MBR, to existing boiler, < 40 linear feet

Lower and reconnect outdoor shower, plumbing only – leave structure at grade

Insulate pipes w/foam under floor, as needed

Reconnect washer & dryer – in new laundry room

Lower hose bib(s), 1 pc.

Install hose bibs, 1 rear left, 1 front garage, 1 covered porch

Add washer and dryer location to new laundry, addition

Reroute all water lines into floor joists

Reconnect / reset furnace on new floor

Reconnect boiler

Install new 50-gallon hot water heater

Electrical: Install exterior waterproof outlet box, front & rear stairs, needed for code, 2 pcs

Install wiring and ceiling lights in basement, 4 pcs.

Install switches as per new plan, < 2 pcs

Install exterior lights, front and rear, homeowner to provide fixture, 2 pcs.

Junction box for garage door openers

Install smoke detector(s) / CO2, basement, < 1 pc(s)

Lower & reconnect electrical meter and service as required

Platforms, Entries, Stairs & Rails, Elevators & Lifts

New 38′ x 4′ wraparound Trex composite deck, vinyl rail & stairs to grade, 13 steps, < 220 SF                          New 4′ x 6′ platform & stairs w/vinyl rail to grade, front,

Install additional 4′ x 17′ section, rear, including pilings or footings, < 180 SF

Note: Stairs to be from platform at hot tub end of deck towards house, 12 steps

 Install additional 4′ x 20′ section, left rear, including pilings or footings, < 80 SF

Trex composite decking, revise plan, 12 steps towards right

Lead Remediation

Not included in the scope of this estimate – to be estimated separately as needed

Asbestos Remediation

Not included in the scope of this estimate – to be estimated separately, as needed                

Landscaping, Fencing & Pavers

Not included in the scope of this estimate – to be estimated separately as needed       

Miscellaneous & Finish

Repair exterior sheathing after lift, < 100 sq ft                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Reconnect electric, plumbing & gas to house

Reconnect water and sewer to house after elevation

Final cleaning – construction & site

Jobsite dumpster, or remove debris – one 30 yard

Temporary toilet

Insurance: general liability, worker’s compensation

esign / Survey stage – In addition to Scope of Work (By Dream Building or others)

Engineering & architectural design – foundation, footing and piers, entries

Survey work – foundation as-built, final survey & final flood elevation certificate

Design stage – In addition to Scope of Work

Elevation,  foundation, and all items as per the scope of work above:

Design/Survey  stage

Total – entire project – all items as per scope of work above

Notes & Comments – General                                                                                                              

  1. This estimate is based on installation of new grade beam and concrete block, as per plan.
  2. This estimate is based on plans and engineered drawings dated 11/7/13 and may change if plans change.

2a. This estimate based on raising the house to approximate finished floor elevation 12.85 from previous FF elevation 4.3 (NAVD 88)

  1. This estimate is valid for 30 days, after which prices may fluctuate based on market conditions.
  2. This estimate does not include township zoning or building permits, which are estimated to be < $1500

4a. This estimate includes 1 dumpster. Additional dumpsters billed at $675 each.

4b. If permits are issued between October 1st and February 28th, an additional cost of $400 will be added to winterize plumbing in house.

  1. This estimate does not include landscape, sprinkler repair, or fence, yard, driveway or sidewalk restoration, except as noted.
  2. This estimate does not include paver/driveway removal/replacement, except as noted.
  3. Fill (in addition to 1 load included) that is needed to elevate crawl or grade will be billed at $24 per C/Y, or $480 per load.
  4. All decking & stairs in front & rear to be Trex Select composite with white trim, and vinyl railing.
  5. Additional flood vents shall be billed at $185 per vent, if required by township.
  6. This estimate does not include movement of utility poles or electric, cable or phone wires at the street.
  7. Contractor is not responsible for structural defects in the fireplaces or chimneys. Repairs shall be estimated as needed.
  8. Contractor is not responsible for plumbing leaks caused by poor winterization. Repairs shall be estimated as needed.
  9. Though care will be taken when removing and resetting hard surface counters, contractor is not responsible for damage to same.

Homeowner Signature: _________________________________________

Contractors Signature :  _________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Date

Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC

Terms and Conditions                                                                     

Licensed Building company: Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC

License information: New Home Builder License #: 045894   Home Improvement Contractor Registration #:13VH07489000

Project start and duration: This project is estimated to take no longer than 150 days from receipt of building permit and will start                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

upon receipt of building permit from township. Receipt of certificate of occupancy shall constitute completion of project.

Any items remaining on a punch list shall be completed within 30 days.

Deposit & Cancellation: From the date of the signing of this agreement, the homeowner may cancel within 3 days for any reason.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Notice of cancellation should be signed and in writing and either fax or email notification is acceptable.

Should this agreement be properly cancelled, any deposit money shall be returned in full within 30 days

Deposit upon signing shall be 5% of contract, with payments to be made as per our payment schedule.

Legal, billing & changes: Homeowner agrees that any dispute which they may choose to pursue arising from this agreement shall be                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

settled by arbitration or under any applicable new home warranty. Any necessary arbitration shall occur in Ocean County, NJ.

Invoices are due upon receipt and shall be based on the pricing above in each category.

Balances over 30 days may be subject to legal and collection fees and interest at 1.0% per month.

Invoices past due may cause your project to be delayed. Contractor reserves the right to stop working until payments are current.

Payment to contractor shall not be contingent upon receipt of funds from any outside source.

Changes to the scope of work must be in writing and may incur a $250 charge per change order.

Homeowner agrees that images of the project may be used in various advertising venues, including print, internet and mailing.

Items cannot be removed from the scope of work without written agreement from both parties. Homeowner shall not work on or have any

contractors work on the project without written consent from Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC.

Entry on property during construction: Homeowner agrees that for insurance reasons, Client will not enter project site during construction

without a representative from Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC

By signing this estimate, I Vincent Simonelli, Member, affirm that the information within is true and accurate, that I’m an authorized representative

of Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC and can bind the entity to this estimate. I have visited and examined the project site and have examined

any existent plans & specifications, and will execute this contract and perform all its items and conditions and will provide, furnish and deliver.

Reminder: If you’ve been ripped off by any dishonest contractor and are stuck, call us and we’ll help you. You may qualify for a $2000 credit towards your project.

Yeah, We Do That for You…  This was an excellent (if I do say so myself) article from the 1/8/17 blog, which received much positive response from many people. If you missed it, go back and read it now at

Definitions & Important Considerations That Can Delay Your Project: See previous blogs

Remember – if you have a specific question, send me an email or a text. Don’t wait for a seminar or a site visit to clarify a point. Whether you are Dream Homes/Atlantic Northeast Construction client or not, I’ll always try and help you or guide you in the right direction. If you’ve sent an email or left a voice mail and haven’t received a response, try and contact me again. Messages are lost occasionally.

Note to Sandsters: Though I write this blog to help guide Sandsters and others through the maze that is any reconstruction project, we actually do what I write about.  Dream Homes Ltd. and Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC are new home builders and general contractors who are actively renovating and reconstructing projects up and down the shore. We supervise and manage elevation projects & house moves, demolish and build new homes, and develop and build entire new neighborhoods. In the past 23 years, we’ve completed over 1500 new homes, 150 elevation projects and 500,000 square feet of commercial buildings. We work with private clients as well as Path B clients in the RREM program. Call, text or email to set up an appointment for a free estimate on your rebuilding project.

That’s all for today Sandsters. I hope my words helps you move forward and I hope to see you at the seminar later tonight. As always, call or write with any questions.


Vince Simonelli

Dream Homes Ltd.

Virtual Learning Company Inc. (Nasdaq VRTR)

Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC

New Home Builder #045894

Home Improvement Contractor #13VH07489000

PO Box 627

Forked River, NJ 08731

Office: 609 693 8881 F: 609 693 3802 Cell: 732 300 5619




Twitter: #foxbuilder

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Dream Homes Ltd – Nearly Famous Rebuilding Blog – 10-2-15 – The Calm Before The Storm, Should You Be Concerned and What Can You Do?

Hello Sandsters –

Hope all is well.

It has been a while since I’ve written but I wanted to pen just a few words today about the impending storm, the chance that it might be another Storm Sandy and preparations you are still be able to make in the next few days before the storm is supposed to hit our area. 

To begin, no one knows much of anything for sure except that we’ll be getting lots of rain. Keeping your windows closed, using an umbrella and wearing a hat are good precautions against that situation.

There are 14 out of 20 predictive models saying the storm will veer east somewhere near Virginia / Maryland, so rain might be the extent of our issues up here at the Jersey Shore. An excellent idea for your sanity is to stop drinking the Weather Disaster Kool Aid until there is something concrete to consider.

In other words, the mass hysteria gripping the Jersey shore may be all for naught. It’s not quite time to evacuate although it might not be a bad idea to get some gas for the generator and stock up on those tasty breakfast sandwiches from Wawa.

That being said, if your house is currently up in the air, there’s not really much that can be done to prevent storm damage, other than doing what we usually do, which is saying quiet prayers. It’s a bit unnerving seeing a house in the air, but the chance of a house falling or becoming dislodged from the cribbing structure is extremely small. Keep in mind that the average home weighs 40 + tons, so there is a tremendous amount of weight concentrated on the temporary support structure holding it down. It is very unlikely to shift unless one of the crib stacks is undermined in some way. If there is a trench dug within 2 feet of a cribbing stack which will allow water to flow and erode the ground, that could potentially be an issue, but otherwise if the house was correctly braced in the first place, rain and modest wind will not affect it adversely.

If there is a trench for a concrete footing or other reason, simply make sure the water has no place to run and just fills the trench, so there is no chance of erosion. Unless there is an earthquake (highly unlikely in central and southern New Jersey) or winds in excess of 100 mph (a Category 2 hurricane, which is also extremely unlikely), as long as there is no chance of the cribbing eroding or collapsing, your house should be fine.

However, there is still a risk of damage from wind-borne debris, which can do much greater harm than anything else. The most sensible precaution is to secure any loose objects around your property. We spent the day doing this and will continue tomorrow on all of our projects. This list includes lawn furniture, pieces of wood or plywood, general debris and small watercraft like kayaks, paddleboards, canoes and their associated stuff (paddles, oars, floats, etc). Even winds of 50 mph, which is 16 mph less than a Category 1 hurricane, can be dangerous if loose items become airborne. Keep in mind that the single largest risk during a storm event is the house envelope being penetrated and water and wind being able to come in. If the windows, walls and roof are not breached during a storm, there is little chance of a catastrophic structural failure.

Sandsters, I hope this helps calm some nerves and I wish you good luck. Statistically, the odds are that there will be no significant storm event and we will all be fine, although possibly a little soggy from the rain. 

If we can help in anyway or answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email.

Take care and stay well Sandsters. 


Dream Homes Ltd.

Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC

Licensed NJ New Home Builder &

Home Improvement Contractor

PO Box 627

Forked River, NJ 08731

Office: 609 693 8881 F: 609 693 3802

Cell: 732 300 5619




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